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Since Heidi was familiar with the fetish social scene, she was able to make friends quickly. She participated in many online forums and did many things online. We could talk about latex fetish for hours because Heidi knew everyone in the community!

As Heidi visited us in Denmark, she ended up marrying my best friend. She worked in the Latexa store (shut down in 2010) and designed and glued latex clothing for Danish labels “No Pain No Gain”, “Strange Lifeforms” and eventually her own brand “Essential Latex”. She co-edited my blog (read her contributions here) and had many suggestions for my latex guide book.

A decade after moving to Copenhagen, my friends got divorced. At the same time, Heidi was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to undergo surgery. As Heidi recovered, she began spending more time in the UK. She met her new husband there, made many friends, and ended up living happily in a London suburb in an old cottage.

My memories of Heidi are full of laughter and warmth. She had a quirky sense of humor, an infectious mood, and a great sense of style. She attended our wedding, played with our daughter, and sat for our dogs.

On August 30, a memorial service was held in the UK. It was a beautiful ceremony and a very emotional farewell.

Heidi loved animals and nature and wanted us to support charity, so if you feel like it, give some money for animal or nature protection.

Heidi was one of my best friends, and I miss her.

Rest in peace, MissFuzzyBunny.

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