• Anonymous says:

    Friggin hilarious!
    Great post! :D

  • Morticia says:

    Very cool!

    Inn-Skin may have been my first clue that rubber clothing existed. They ran a few adds for latex swimsuits in some mainstream women’s fashion magazines that my mother used to subscribe to, and which I spotted. This was in the 1970’s and was after I had discovered my love for skin-tight restrictive clothing, but before I knew there were A) other rubber fetishists and B) companies making rubber clothes for us pervs, however disguised.

  • Lady says:

    Inn-Skinn was the first latex clothing Sir and I ever saw and acquired. The rubber was very poor quality by today’s standards, but was actually quite good by the standards of 1975. They advertised in the back of men’s magazines (Penthouse, for example) and in some women’s magazines. They were in business until about 1978 and produced a few other catalogs including one which showed their latex fashions sized for children as well as adults…nothing improper, just pushing the notion of latex as normal fashion wear for the entire family.

    They DID offer colours which was unusual at the time and they were a very reputable company but never could seem to operate at a profit. Far ahead of their time, perhaps.

    The fashions look silly now, but it WAS the 70’s and they appeared both normal and cutting edge at the time.

    More information is available at

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