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  • rubber1st says:

    The ‘Raw Rubber’ stuff from Libidex looks very similar to what the guys at Nasty Pig ( call ‘Nasty Pig Rubber’.

  • Paige White says:

    We have been selling that for 10 years, at

    Its called Nasty Pig

  • silly says:

    Actually it’s called “Rubber Stretch” and it’s made by Sommers Plastic products in Clifton N.J. cheap as dirt, around $6-$8 a yard 1-800-225-7677

    Everyone and their mothers been using it forever. Lip Service was the first to make fetish clothes from it, then companies like Serious, Redneck xxx and Red Balls used it. Then and only then did Nasty Pig start using it and no NP does’nt have a trademark on it. Now even Stormy Leather is using it. So it’s not long before it’s at Payless.

  • sweet says:

    hey silly…don’t hate. Nasty Pig has built a great company and they work in many different materials. They wouldn’t be where they are if they weren’t real about what they do. And in case you didn’t notice, leather and latex are available all over the world, but it takes great companies like Mr. S in the US and Regulation in the UK to do it right. Perhaps you were too busy shopping at Payless to notice.

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