• Kat says:

    Well, with any luck, it will cause it to go back into a more underground setting. I doubt at the prices in this ad you can get anything better than some cheap Chinese latex sheeting being used in the garment. That combined with the average person’s lack of understanding how latex needs to be stored/looked after, the stuff will fall apart in such short order.

    I have been 2 years without latex due to my budget. I am going to continue that because I have seen soem cheap latex in my life, but Walmart’s will take the cake. I will get what I pay for.

    …………….. unless this is some sort of April Fools joke. Hahahah!

  • Mac Perv says:

    Ummm, this IS April 1st…..

  • For what it’s worth – i want one of those gowns :) Looks really nice and comfy :)

  • Michael says:

    What Country was this printed in ?

  • Nyckname says:

    More importantly, what is today’s date, and was that printed today?

  • Nyckname says:

    Probably not that it makes any difference, but the url in the byline of the article,, is a Singapore newspaper.

  • …… This had better be an april fools gag!

  • Garlor says:

    ..and as it happens there are no Walmart stores in Singapore !
    Very well presented discovery, even including a typical spelling error. The Top shop latex never appeared actually instore and it seem that they stock small amounts of each clothing item in the Unique on line store so the items are planned as almost Unique !

  • Brandon Carter says:

    why…oh why…oh why do I ALWAYS fall for April Fool’s jokes!!! Good one!!! It dawned on me after searching for their latex section!!!

  • Peter says:

    It looks like the design is from Kunzmann in Germany (

  • Bob says:

    It’s an April Fool’s joke. I even went to walmart’s website, and searched “latex” and got a few hits for things like latex pillows and condoms, but no latex clothing. Also searched “suit” and got a few hits for ordinary cloth clothing.

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