• Like Ra says:

    My bet is PVC coated lycra catsuit.

  • DeviousRex says:

    Syren still has the catsuit from the first movie… maybe they can resurrect that :)

  • Kim K says:

    Hmmm… From what you say about Chis Nolan ..
    Some kind of spandex, covering all except her head, which might be partially covered, or not covered at all.
    Thus far, no version of catwoman has used anorther kind of claws than the fingertip-type … i don’t think he’ll change that.
    Leather gloves, possibly short, leather or armor “corset”, Leather Boots, possibly short.
    Night goggles, if he can find some fitting existing or near-existing ones, but if not, she mighe even be totally unmasked.

  • dana says:

    Catwoman is supposed to be a high end, well, cat burgler, so something dark, sleek, MUTED, flexible, warm (for scaling the outside of buildings and mansions) and durable would be appropo. Something much like Catherine Zeta Jones’ outfit from the opening sequence of “Entrapment” would be ideal, with a little tweaking to match the character. A neoprene version for underwater sequences would very hot, especially if modeled after the Navy seal frogman (think Demi Moore in GI Jane). She wouldn’t be teetering around in 6″ heels, either, more likely high end climbing boots.

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