• bohocrush says:

    I love this! so sexy, so beautiful, I have to go look at more of his work. thank you

    your blob has really sparked my interest in all of this beautiful latex world! wow

    thanks to you and latex kitty! you two are incredible!

  • DrJOnes666 says:

    Isn’t this a painting from a photo of Bianca Beauchamp dressed in a see-through cherry rubebr nun outfit?

  • SiNner says:

    Wow, it’s amazing that something with so little skin showing can be so erotic.
    Perhaps it’s the temptation of wanting to know what is extended beyond these boarders (I’m not familiar with the Bianca Beauchamp reference).
    It’s also interesting to note that erotica is making its way into people’s living rooms as it becomes mainstream, even the bondage lifestyle is much more tolerated and acceptable these days.

  • 3xL says:

    DrJOnes666 you are right!

    I asked Martin, and he confirmed that it’s indeed a section of a photo of Bianca Beauchamp dressed in the transparent cherry rubber nun outfit!

    I’m must say, I’m a little surpriced over this news regarding copyright and ownership and such… But at the same time, I’m even more proud to have a painting of a beautiful latex minded friend on my wall!

  • nick says:

    superb pic,love the latex fetish would like to hear more on this.

  • Latexmaus says:

    This is a really wonderful artwork. Would also be great looking in my living room. ;-)

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