• Rubber Rebel says:

    I am both naughty and nice, but I like to be naughty more.
    I’m nice by supporting the fetish community at every turn.
    How am I nasty, ask any of the boys I grab. I always walk around with 2 pocket rockets at the ready and when passing any boy I will stick it in his crotch, case in point last year at MAL while in the lobby with some friends, next to us was this young twink bragging to his friends how he loves his new jock (That he was wearing out for all to see). I Proceded to turn on the pocket rocket and applied it to his balls, he let out a scream that stopped all conversation in the lobby and he jumped back 5 feet saying he electrocuted me(While pointing at me). Granted my group were rolling on the floor laughing our asses off. then there is the hundreds f times I will have my way with the boys, but I cant post that here. I always say be careful what you wish for around me, you may just get it.

  • FactorTwice says:

    Being “the dom of the doms” is my job – I’m so bad I make everyone else be naughty! I write & direct performance art/fetish shows for upwards of 30 models so I don’t even have to get my hands dirty, only my mind -muahahaha!

  • isdykelis says:

    The first time, I meet the latex, was visit to the doctor. She touched me with latex gloves, and that feeling was interesting. So I thought that it will be fun, to feel it with all the body. After lot of searching, I found latex community, and it was my lucky day, starting latex adventures ;)

  • slavejimmy says:

    I’m still a very naughty slaveboy. I trying and testing my Master every time. See how far I can go before I cross the thin line between naughty and being a bad slave. My Master is the best! He and me are married now for 5,5 years and our BDSM relationship is still growing.
    Living on the edge is always a big turn on for me. I’m at my naughtiest when I’m a slave in public. My Master let me know I’m His slave and orders me to put on some latex under my normal clothes and behave and serve Him in everyway. I always try not to behave at some points so He has to punish me in public. I know He hates that, but that makes it the more fun for me! Off course I know my place and I always will get my punishment later but that little mindfuck is awesome.
    I love wearing rubber! I’m getting a new codpiece catsuit for x-mas, so I can’t wait till it’s x-mas.

    My lifemotto is “You have to try everything once in your lifetime”

  • boundinrubber says:

    I have been a lucky guy and have gotten an amazing rubber pup as a boy friend this year. That alone has increased my rubber time many fold! I can not wait for 2011 to continue this trend. He is so amazing to be with together in rubber be it in bondage, a sleepsack, or laying next to me. Is that naughty no, well maybe only the kinky times we have every time we see each other is ;)

    24 hours locked in rubber and gasmasks is up next for us. (guess thats a bit more naughty)

  • s10boi says:

    my number 1 naughty thing that I’ve done: Strapped down to a bondage table in my rubber catsuit and pup hood, being plugged and then catheterised by my Alpha. It felt great to give up so much control to him, I felt extremely subby and horny.

  • Boots says:

    I’m both naughty and nice by introducing shy perverted young guys to what it means to be part of this community and helping them realise their dreams can cum true.

    This journey of rubber, bondage and a perverted imangination should be enjoyed, so being both naughty and nice to extremes makes it even tastier *slurpp*

  • Let’s see, naughtiest thing I’ve done?

    Tickling the living daylights out of my boyfriend; yes…
    Walking through the public lobby of MFF in full rubber puppy gear? Yeah, I di that too, but that was in the late evening. Of course I volounteered a set of locking padded mitts to restrain someone at the party I was going to but, you know, separate incident…

    Now, I walked through the same lobby in the middle of the day in a rubber fox-suit with inflated paws that was essentially a prison, just to get pictures of him >;3

    Now, if I’m chosen by I promise that I will use this certificate for the most pervyness possible; I think a locking pup-hood to go along with my locking S10 would do perfectly…

  • Rubbah says:

    a number of years ago now – being tempted into meeting a hot rubber guy at night – getting geared up in a full suit and gloves and driving an hour and a half to meet him. Getting hooded and booted outside his place and being met by the same – woof was well worth the drive :)

  • […] 1: Escribir un comentario con la cosa más “mala” que has hecho 2: Seguir a @3xl en Twitter. 3: Tuitear lo siguiente:  Just entered @3xL Christmas Twitter Contest! Yes, I been naughty and wish for a €150 gift voucher from Blackstyle! […]

  • KingKill says:

    I bought my girlfriend her first latex underwear as a surprise for her birthday, having in mind it would “pay off a bit” for booth of us – I was right suggesting that she’d like it! :D

  • addicted2L8X says:

    The number one naughty thing: well I think it was when I told my girlfriend about my love for latex and how great it would be to see her in latex too.
    Some time after that I bought her a latex top and she liked it too. After a while we bought some latex pants for me too.

  • Paris Paradis says:


    I am such a naughty girl, I take after the best! You know who they are.

    I love Bad Santa’s.

  • EsEm says:

    I was very naughty I tried to top from the bottom to Madame on her birthday, she was not happy.

  • Dazzy_G says:

    I think the naughtyest thing I’ve done this year is spending lots of money taking my lovely girlfriend to London for our anniversary and walking around taking lots of public latex pictures around tower bridge:-)

  • SexLatexSM says:

    #1 Naughty thing I have done this year…
    Wearing latex in public in under my normal clothes, it is a little risk to wear in public because latex tends to make noise when you walk. But well I like it ;-)

  • soxpup says:

    The naughtiest thing I’ve done this year is be put in a friend’s rubber sleepsack and another friend’s inflatable hood (both Blackstyle items, conincidentally) for hours until they let me out to service both of them simultaneously. Two dicks for every mouth!

  • Blazej says:

    I bought some nice latex for my girlfriend as a surprise gift. will aee how it goes :)

  • SuburbianLtx says:

    Serving my Lady lunch as her latex maid on our anniversary ;)

  • Rubber Crale says:

    A couple of weeks ago I was told to clean the playroom. While I was doing it I noticed some stuff hidden under the bed, that I hadn’t seen before. It was still in it’s original wrapping so I figured it was some new stuff that Master bought for the playroom. Needless to say my curiosity got the better of me and I unwrapped it as needly as I could, so that Master couldn’t see it had been tampered with. Next thing I knew a blindfold quickly got over my eyes and my hands got drawn behind my back.

    I was very naughty and spend the next 20 hours in the sleepsack all gagged, hooded and immobilized. :)

    PS. I still haven’t figured out what was in those packages under the bed. They’re gone from there now, so guess I’m gonna have to wait… With patience. :)

    Rubber Crale, merry christmas all!

  • Anna Rose says:

    Number one naughty thing so far? it is me in a tourist destination called Bryce Canyon Utah USA on a public trail wearing nothing but a leather and chain harness, bridle and 8 inch platform clear knee high boots with a metal plug buried deep in my ass with ponytail attachment. I ran on this trail for about 1 mile. It was so illegal and so exhilarating. I don’t believe this was ever done before by anyone else and it made me feel on top of the world to get away with it.

  • Well, I’m so naughty I won’t even tell you the juicy part and leave you wanting for more ;)



  • Steve says:

    best thing: regular cinema visits with a singlet or chaps underneath. and getting felt up in the dark :D

  • Lady Arrakis says:

    I’m trying to be naughty on regular basis and sinning not only by deeds but especially thoughts! Can’t wait bring some to reality… again!

  • ALAIN says:

    Non non non
    il n’y a pas que les anglais ou allemands qui aiment le latex, il y a aussi les français et les parisiens qui adorent la douceur du latex, qui adorent l’odeur, qui adorent le look
    J’aime j’aime j’aime le latex

  • StevenVR says:

    Have I’m been naughty this last year. In mine opinion I was naughty. Lost a lot of weight, unlocked myself From my computer and came in contact with very nice peoples. Told part of my family about my latex fetish, in their eyes that is naughty. The reason I participate this contest is I have to buy a new latex wardrobe because the weight loss.

  • Puikis says:

    The naughtiest thing in my life, was swimming in the lake with latex catsuit. Funniest thing was that other people thought that it was swimsuit ;) I’m waiting for summer, to repeat that :))

  • latexturtle says:

    Wearing rubber shorts and a butt plug to the office for a whole day, including travelling on the tube to get there.

  • Speedoguru says:

    Naughty? I’ve done more naughty things that I care to repeat or remember! LOL Being naughty on a regular basis puts the rest of life’s experiences in perspective.

  • Rlatex says:

    I’ve been very naughty because I have not spent enough time in rubber this year!

  • rrruprecht says:

    Naughtiest thing? I remember being at a german local residents registration office while wearing a catsuit under my normal clothes. when i talked to the attendand, the sleeve slipped out ;)

  • Flogguy says:

    I’ve been very naughty because I am spreading the latex addiction into the vainilla world, and I won’t tell you the details!!
    Help the cause, give me the voucher.

  • I was naughty when I was running around the city this summer with a girl dressed in a silver latex catsuit, black latex corset and an inflatable latex alien hood. There were lots of stares… ;-)

  • Had a ‘moment’ backstage at a recent fetish party with two fetching things wearing latex and masks. No way of telling which one was my partner!

  • Phil says:

    Wearing latex tshirt and leggings under my suit while working with “important” clients. Gave quite a rush.

  • amber says:

    The most naughty? I don’t know if it’s naughty, but I do have the nick name of the Great Instigator at our play parties. I like to corrupt, er, introduce the new comers to all sorts of fetishes they didn’t know they had. ;)


  • LatexLady78 says:

    This Year i just give up being myself, and starting to live my Fetishes. And I’m doing so many naughty things with Alterpic…

  • RubberMatt says:

    I was out at a very vanilla sports bar the other night while wearing a very frilly latex bodysuit. I also try to corrupt as many of my vanilla friends as possible and bring them over to the “dark” side with us.

  • Latexraven says:

    Well, the #1 naughty thing I did this year was visiting the latex fashion fair in Essen on Easter weekend, which I did without consent of my SO. – Perhaps that sounds pretty lame, but the outfit I wore was not :P

  • mazius says:

    The most naughtiest thing I ewer did, was the way I showed to my girlfriend my latex fetish. She newer heared about that it, and I meet her with latex tshirt and shorts. The look of her was wery strange, but after few minutes she said, that it is interesting :)

  • Guillermo V says:

    While being flogged, i managed to pull my hands out of the cuffs, scratch my nose…and right back in :-)….and not caught LOL

  • Abián Andrés Pérez Herrera says:


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