• Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately thats the way of the world.


  • Ebony Fetish Goddess says:

    haha.. i noticed that like a week ago. they sent me a catalogue and i was like.. damn that sure does look strangely like the TG nurses uniform that my slave just ordered for me.

    i mean they look EXACTLY alike.. but i knew which one comes first.. you know what people say though.. imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.. but DAMN that’s rather blatant

  • WB says:

    I noted accusation that we have brought out a rip-off TG style. The items concerned are bought in – not brought out!

    We have had no hand in their design or manufacture. Like many other companies across the globe, we purchase from a range of manufacturers. I note other UK fetish sites selling same garments. No huge problem this end with error, and it is easy to understand. Our own designs have likewise been converted into PVC over the years. We like and admire this website, and appreciate the community involvement plus obvious good intent of your forum members. Best wishes to all, and compliments of the season to all your site visitors.

    Steve Beech (M.D)

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Steve! Thanks for sorting this matter out for us. I have corrected the post so it no longer reflects that your company has anything to do with the rip-off design.

    Rubber regards

  • Anonymous says:


    I noticed that in the latest issue of Westward bounds catalogue that there are several TG rip offs and numerous other designers clothes that have been copied including Skin Two, Inner Sanctum, pigelle and Hopuse of Harlot. Honour is also selling the same mass reproduced crap rip offs made in chine probably. Badly made, doesnt fit well, crap…But eh they are probably making a shit load of money from it!

    its a shame that people do have to rip people off so blatently but unfortunately i guess thats the world we live in.

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