• Dark says:

    Great review… You’ve got another career waiting for you – fetish party gossip writer. Cindy Adams can’t touch you.

    That sounds like one exciting weekend.

  • Observer says:

    Good review! :)

    It was indeed a great event, and it was so much fun seeing all the gang again – or meeting them for the first time. I’m glad we got to talk again and that I got to introduce Phoenix to you.

  • phoenix says:

    Fantastic review, MFB! It was fun to read and remember the fun it all was. Think you’ll ever make it over the pond for a Montreal Weekend?

  • MFB says:

    Thanks, folks!

    @Phoenix: Oh, I would really enjoy coming over for Montreal sometime. I’d hoped it might overlap with our US trip in August, but I suspect it will be right when we need to get back. :-(

  • Colin says:

    The Residenz Avalon is a fabulous location in a converted factory – its a great atmosphere. It was however too crowded – partly I guess because the outside area was closed. I guess most people who go to a public play party are up for being watched and it was nice that it was strictly couples. But, if you are a little bit shy then a few more quiet corners would have helped. There were some fabulous scenes going on including a magnificent canine training.

  • Colin, thanks for your review of the play party. Sounds like fun as you said, if you’re an exhibitionistic couple, less fun if you weren’t a voyeur or exhibitionist.

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