• Anonymous says:

    I´ve got a fetish for shiny clothes in all colors.(I prefer skintight to loose ones, but that´s not important.) I think most fetishist like more materials than only rubber or latex. They also like shiny pvc, leather etc.
    We better should use |S|

    What do you think ?

  • Latexscene says:

    i’ve never understood this desire for a logo or symbol, its always seemed a bit silly to be honest, still live and let live i guess

  • 3xL says:

    I don’t think that a |S| would make any sense.

    Sorry, but leather don’t do anything for me.

    I like that |R| stands for Rubberist, that’s what I am!

  • Gixxi says:

    just borrowed your image for two articles on!
    gixxi |R| ;o)

  • Anonymous says:

    What about a secret handshake now we are at it?! ;P

    Anyways, Sure… why not I’ll gladly wave a |R| in front of people or place it on my website just to support the idea.
    But I think one of the reasons why “we” never have had or really needed any symbol is due to the fact we are extremely recognizable already, it’s hard to confuse “our” fetish with any other.

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