• Phoenix says:

    What kind of paint can be used on latex?

  • 3xL says:

    Latex paint would do the trick.

  • Ellendyl says:

    Caution: latex paint found for home painting (walls, ceiling,…) is not rubber. Latex is a name for “milk” and the latex paint for walls is an acrylic milk, not a rubber milk.

    If you use latex paint on latex, it will not stretch with it and cracks will appear very quickly.

    The best way is to use raw liquid latex (the one solved in ammonium) and charge it with color (powders, often) or a diluted of acrylic paint, so the pigments are solved inside the latex (I used that once to make a phosphorescent pattern on latex weapon for LARP).
    But the problem is still the gluing of latex colored on the cloth. Maybe using cement glue, or if the cloth is not vulcanized, then you can achieve that gluing.

    When I worked with colored latex, it was painting the liquid on previous layers of painted liquid, so always the same open chemical connections, I don’t know about the chemical treatment made on Sloane’s latex.

    But if it can work, I’d try to make again some phosphorescent design, for fetish clothing now, that will be cool on the dancing floor (fluorescent will do the job also)

    Remark: anyway, avoid pigments using copper, since it will attack the latex and cause it to lose flexibility and then become porous (same recommendations as for jewelry+latex, actually, check what is inside the pigment)

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