• @gcrush says:

    happy birthday!!!

  • jG says:

    happy birthday :)

  • Jessica says:

    Happy Birthday! :)


  • Dark says:


    I don’t make a big deal over B’days as I have had way too many of them now. But I will take this opportunity to tip my cyber hat to you for your blog and enthusiasm you have for the genre and the information you have provided to those who are interested. Great job! I stop by everyone once in a while and it’s a fun read regardless of whether I agree with it. The April Fools bit was a hoot.

    Keep it up while you can!


  • Tifa says:

    Happy birthday!!!

  • ALM Talkies says:

    Happy Birthday!

  • Kim Myers says:

    Happy Birthday and thank you for all of the wonderful work you do on behalf of all of the latex lovers in the world. :-)


  • RubberErik says:

    Gratulere med dagen :)

    Ps Jeg har fødselsdag i dag også :)

    Hilsen Erik og Annabelle

  • Riakpt & Honeyhair says:

    All the best fo ryou special day. Happy b-day ;-)
    Rikapt & Honeyhair

  • have a happy-superb-rubber-latex birthday!!!!!!!!!
    que tengas un super latex cumpleaños!!
    the best wishes from Chile!
    los mejores deseos desde Chile!

  • Speedoguru says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY 3XL! Hope you had a good one. You deserve it.


  • Alphax says:

    Happy B-Day 3XL and many more! Thanks for bringing us all the latest in latex!

  • Latex says:

    Here’s a wee bit late Happy Birthday! :D

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