• kumimonster says:

    well if you’re talking about the US only.

    it’s still America so no boobs should be showing and there is no nudity at all! drinks are done before 2am. and of course, there is no smoking in buildings (though many people do like this!)

  • Andre says:

    True Kummi, it’s still America and California’s 2AM last call is pretty lame. Well we’re still going to rock the house!

    The outfit in the lower photo is fantastic. Anyone have any idea who made it?

  • mea culpa says:

    While most agree that the 2am last call sucks that doesn’t change the fact that the party has kicked ass every single year… and there is plenty of tits and ass to be seen – girly nipples hafta be covered but who cares?! :0| I’d much rather see head to toe latex than nekkid anyway…

    P.S. – after having an outfit ruined by some drunken asshat w/ a cigarette I am all for the no smoking indoors thing… and I smoke.

    Andre – the outfit is custom by Madame S.

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