How the Latex Penis Sheaths were Compared

The latex penis sheaths were divided into 7 types and then compared by size, thickness, color and variants. All measurements are noted in millimeters.

Size was measured in four places: shaft length, shaft girth, balls girth and entry girth. Measurements were taken as shown in the following illustration:

Thickness is important as a latex penis sheath made from thin latex (0,3 – 0,5 mm) is MUCH MORE flexible than a thicker (0,6 – 1,0 mm) version. Click the measurement in each chart to get directly to the Twist My Rubber Arm product page for each specific item.

Colors for latex penis sheaths are mainly black, red and translucent, but some can be custom ordered in different colors as listed below.

Variants list the alternative options such as drainage tubes, open-end, ect. Click the name to be taken to the Twist My Rubber Arm product page for each item.
Different Types of Latex Sheaths

Large Latex Penis Sheath

Large latex penis sheath with anatomical detailing. This is the biggest size available and is manufactured in a really nice quality.

Shaft length: Shaft girth: Balls girth: Entry girth:
 Measurements: 155 mm 154 mm 220 mm 155 mm
 Thickness: 0,4 mm or 0,6 mm
 Colors: Black, translucent, flesh, red, silver, yellow, blue, metallic blue, pink, purple, olive green, smoky, white
 Variants: Open-End, Tube, Unrolled Edge, Tube with an Unrolled Edge

Latex Penis Sheath Long Balls

Latex Penis Sheath Long Balls

Latex penis sheath with anatomical detailing and long ball sack. The long ball sack makes it ideal to use with ball stretchers. Good quality.

Shaft length: Shaft girth: Balls girth: Entry girth:
 Measurements: 135 mm 120 mm 150 mm 150 mm
 Thickness: 0,4 mm
 Colors: Black, Translucent, red
 Variants: Ribbed, Tube

Regular Latex Penis Sheath

Latex Penis Sheath

Latex penis sheath with anatomical detailing. Good quality.

Shaft length: Shaft girth: Balls girth: Entry girth:
 Measurements: 125 mm 100 mm 200 mm 125 mm
 Thickness: 0,3 mm or 0,5 mm
 Colors: Black, translucent, flesh, red, silver, yellow, blue, metallic blue, pink, purple, olive green, smoky, white
 Variants: Flange, Tube and Flange

Latex Penis Sheath with Teat End

Latex Penis Sheath with Teat End

Latex penis sheath with a teat end. This sheath is thinner than most and is very flexible.

Shaft length: Shaft girth: Balls girth: Entry girth:
 Measurements: 135 mm 110 mm 190 mm 100 mm
 Thickness: 0,3 mm or 0,5 mm
 Colors: Black, translucent, red
 Variants: n/a

Thick Latex Penis Sheath with Cock Ring

Thick Latex Penis Sheath with Cock Ring

Thick latex penis and ball sheath. The base of the sheath has a built-in cock ring. This sheath difficult or even painful to wear as it has very little room for the balls and that 1 mm thick latex only stretches a little.

Shaft length: Shaft girth: Balls girth: Entry girth:
 Measurements: 125 mm 112 mm 200 mm 125 mm
 Thickness: 1,0 mm
 Colors: Black, translucent, red
 Variants: Tube, Tube with Cock & Ball Ring, Tube with Gag & Head Strap

Small Latex Penis Sheath

Small Latex Penis Sheath

Small latex penis sheath with a small entry. Low quality product. Not available from Twist My Rubber Arm.

Shaft length: Shaft girth: Balls girth: Entry girth:
 Measurements: 125 mm 120 mm 170 mm 100 mm
 Thickness: 0,4 mm
 Colors: Black, translucent, red
 Variants: n/a

Latex Penis Sheath without Ball Sack

Latex Penis Sheath without Ball Sack

This is basically a long latex condom with some anatomical detailing. Due to the lack of anchoring this penis sheath is hard to keep in place without using a hand.

Shaft length: Shaft girth: Balls girth: Entry girth:
 Measurements: 155 mm 104 mm n/a 104 mm
 Thickness: 0,3 mm, 0,5 mm
 Colors: Black, translucent, red, metallic blue, pink, purple, olive green, smoky, white
 Variants: n/a

Latex Penis Sheath Size Comparison
In order to compare the actual size of one sheath to another, I created a Latex Penis Sheath 1:1 Size Chart, as can be seen scaled down here to the right. Click the image to download it as a 1:1 PDF-file.
How to Put on a Latex Penis Sheath
Putting on a latex penis sheath can be a little tricky. Use plenty of lubrication (water-based or silicone), both on your cock and inside the sheath. Depending on what type of sheath you are putting on, begin by inserting the tip of your cock into the sheath while pressing out any excess air. When your cock is fully inserted, pull the ball cover down over your balls using both hands. You might need to stretch the ball cover opening to get your balls inside. This especially goes for a latex sheath with the “rolled” opening. Afterward, use your fingers to smooth out any skin folds in the edges and remove any excess air from the ball cover. Apply some shine to your latex covered cock and you are good to go.

How long you wear a penis sheath is up to yourself and how well the sheath fits your penis. However as most latex penis sheaths obstruct the natural blood flow in your penis, so if it starts to hurt, it’s a really good idea to take a break.

When you finished wearing your latex penis sheath, remove it by simply reversing the steps you used to put it on. To clean it, wash the sheath both inside and outside, in lukewarm water with a little soap. Pat dry with a towel, both inside and outside, and store it in a plastic bag away from sunlight.
Latex Penis Sheath Recommendations
My personal favorites are the “Large Latex Penis Sheath” (0,4 mm) and the “Latex Penis Sheath with Teat End” (0,5 mm) – both are really great quality, comfortable to wear and a lot of fun to play around with.

Latex penis sheaths can be difficult to wear during sex, but if you use plenty of lube you should be good. Keep in mind that latex penis sheaths are a sex toy and not an anti contraceptive device or an HIV barrier, so if you want to be 100% safe, wear a condom over it.

Latex penis sheaths also works great if used in combination with cock rings. A cock ring can be worn both over and under the penis sheath, so try out what works best for you. This especially goes for the penis sheaths with a small ball sack. For those into ball stretching, try wearing penis sheaths with an Oxball Cocksling. It’s really tight and makes you rock hard!

Latex penis sheaths are great for masturbation. Lube it for maximum enjoyment, turn it inside out for a more smooth feeling, make your own latex fuck hole by inserting the inside out sheath into a folded pillow or a thick sports sock.

Yes, there are many ways to have fun with a latex penis sheath! Enjoy!

I hope that you found my Ultimate Latex Penis Sheath Guide to be both informative and useful. Thanks to Twist My Rubber Arm who made this guide possible. If you have some feedback or recommendations I would love to hear them, so please feel free to leave a comment…


  • TAKIEM says:

    Most useful omission is the open tubed sheath which allows release if piss directly or through an extension down the leg into a bag. Or even for feeding elsewhere. It’s horrible to get all gussied up and then have to go to the bathroom. (The same holds true with the anus.)

    Also not fully discussed is what can happen if the cock ring is too small or too large – and what do with pubic hair. Balls can escape after an orgasm for instance. And a skin wrinkle can destroy the day. What happens where there is a Prince Albert present?
    MORE: How about a discussion on such as cat suits with integral sheaths – or catsuits to allow separate sheaths to protrude through?
    What’s safe in terms of long term holding of piss and/or cum?
    Which ones work best when used for insertive sex such as into a mouth or aryl (latex on latex) condom? How about pants or suits with internal (upright) sheaths? These comments apply way beyond a ‘sex-toy’. This is an important aspect of ‘second-skin’ reality for many.

  • 3xL says:

    Thanks for your suggestions Takiem!

  • Ms MMMP says:

    Your right sheaths are tricky, not that I need one o my personal anatomy but I do like them on a black rubber clad gentleman. I have found pasante Black velvet condoms to be great and easy to use compromise.

    Though with the aide of your chart I may try and fit my toy correctly again.

    Ms MMMP

  • 3xL says:

    Thank you for your comment Ms MMMP, I hope that you find the right fit for your toy.


  • Joined says:

    Hey folks.

    Thought I’d share a most bizarre email dialogue I’ve recently had with

    I’d like to think of myself as a connoisseur of latex sheath pants for a number of years now having purchased, worn and enjoyed several of these super kinky kreations.

    Sadly, having just purchased my 4th pair of latex sheath pants from RubberEva I had to write back to them asking “Have you recently changed your supplier ? These ones just DON’T FIT like all the previous ones did”

    Bizarrely, I got the reply

    “these are a new item we’ve only just recently started stocking”

    to which I replied

    “but the last three times I purchased these they fit like a glove”

    and got the reply

    “you must be mistaken….. we’ve only just started stocking this item”

    to which I replied

    “here you go – here’s an email from a previous order from from 2010. See the attached email”

    to which they replied

    “sorry – we’ve never heard of that person and as we said, we’ve only just started stocking this item so you must be mistaken that you’ve bought them from in the past”

    So in conclusion, I guess I can only say that USED to stock a really good fit of amazing moulded latex sheath pants.

    They don’t any more :-(


  • rubbere1 says:

    I found that Studio Strak in Australia makes a great, high quality pair of sheath shorts.

    They fit well, and the way he attaches the C&B sheath to the shorts makes your cock more pronounced.

    Unfortunately, he doesn’t have pictures of them on his site, but contact him and he’ll respond to your questions.

  • J says:

    Do you have any recommendations for sheath pants? (not just the sheats themselves)

  • phreon says:

    I’ve found a method that makes even the most stubborn sheath easy to don. Find a glass (strong plastic is best) that is long enough with a circumference just large enough to comfortably encircle your penis and scrotum. Carefully stretch the penis sheath’s opening over the glass so the “tube” end is inside the glass. This is the most difficult part; use the fingers of one hand to prevent the sheath from popping off as you work your way around the circumference pulling the opening over the glasses lip. Once the sheath is securely stretched over the glass’s rim, very firmly press a thumb and forefinger over the rim spread about 1 inch apart and work the sheath back off the glass so there is a small opening, You’re using your thumb and forefinger to prevent the entire sheath from popping off. If you’re doing it just right, there’s just barely and opening to the space inside the glass that makes a sort of natural one way valve. Suck the air out of the glass and work the sheath opening back over the glass rim with your upper lip when you’re done (this is easier than it sounds) and then complete pulling the sheath’s ring over the glass wih your free hand so it’s once again securely over the glass’s rim.

    This sounds complicated/difficult, but it’s not. You’ll have a sheath that’s stretched wide open by way of the vacuum you’ve created. You’re free to lubricate the sheath and insert at will. Orient your penis and scrotum inside the sheath as you like and then firmly press the glass’s rim against your body. Work the sheath off of the glass’s rim with a free thumb until the vacuum is broken and sheath will rather dramatically return to its unstretched size and pop into place.

    The above method might sound complicated, but it’s easy to master and makes donning even the most stubborn sheath a breeze.

  • 3xL says:

    Very interesting method Phreon. Thanks for sharing!

  • jonno says:

    all I want is one that fits well. has no ‘teat’ and isn’t too over the top with the ‘veins’. the one I got hold of must be the small anatomical (the second from last) and the ridges etc are far too marked. it looks ugly.
    would you say the large anatomical (number 1 and the regular) have less pronounced veins? thanks

  • rpgfan1 says:

    What kinds of cock rings would work on latex sheaths without damaging or degrading the latex? I heard plastic, silicone, and stainless steel cock rings work fine on those sheaths. What about chrome or nickel-plated steel?

  • Harry O says:

    A thin small tight fitting sheath makes me go to orgasm heaven, a REAL TURN ON #1

  • Richard says:

    I love Latexa garments and my favorites are those with an attached anatomical penis and testicle sheath. The sort of garments that I have with attached penis and testicle sheath are bermuda shorts, leggings, high waist briefs, panties girdle. To dress in my sheath I usually powder my penis and testicles and the inside of the sheath with Johnson Baby Talc. With my penis erect I introduce my hard penis into the sheath by forcing it down the sheath and expelling the air in front of my penis until it is fully encased soft natural latex rubber. I then ease my testicle into the latex testicle sack. This way my penis is comfortable inside the sheath without the possibility of my testicles rising inside my abdominal cavity. It is most important that the testicles are fully descended into the latex testicle sack as the testicles are them comfortable cocooned in soft natural latex rubber. At the same time the penis is fully erect and sheathed in latex. I find that the Latexa sheath is slightly smaller in diameter around the shaft and therefore fits over the erect penis very snugly and you can actually feel your penis throbbing in the tight latex.
    I stay in hotels quite often and after a hard days work there is nothing better than to slip into a pair of latex bermuda shorts or leggings with a penis and testicle sheath. With my penis throbbing inside the sheath I resist the temptation of ejaculating and fall asleep. Then when i wake at about 4am I can feel my penis become erect and fill the latex sheath. At this point I cannot resist masturbating and when I climax I explode a load of creamy sperm inside the sheath. I ten fall asleep without the worry of my sperm leaking from the sheath onto the hotel bed sheets.

  • Aleksandr says:

    Hi. You can make latex leggings with front penis cheath? What will be the price? Answer me please. Best regards, Aleksandr!

  • 3xL says:

    Hi Aleksandr!

    Sorry, this is only a review article. I don’t make and sell latex. Try contacting one of my advertisers.

    Rubber regards


  • olivereau patrick says:

    you speak french ?

    je suis français et je cherche un étui pénien à fixer sur un catsuit intégrale en latex
    pouvez-vous m’aider ?

  • 3xL says:
  • Jefferson says:


    I’ve been fascinated by all things latex for a while now. I’ve purchased a few things for myself just to wear and enjoy but I’ve become more and more intrigued by sheaths to the point where I simply must buy one! My only issue is that I’d hate to get the sizing wrong.


    I measured myself last night and it seems I would fit perfectly into the large sheath. My issue is this… My length and girth are right on the money but should I go for the large where the fit will be nice when fully erect or will the regular stretch enough when I am wearing it that it will be snug but not too uncomfortable?

    I’m think I should go for the large but if there is a trick I am missing and I should go for a smaller one to make it tighter and get more sensation then I would order that one.

    Any help, advice or direction is much appreciated!


  • 3xL says:

    Hello Jefferson,

    thanks for you for your question. I would recommend that you either choose the “Large Latex Penis Sheath” that will fit you when erect or the 0,3 mm “Latex Penis Sheath with Teat End” that will stretch and fit you all the time.

    Good luck with your purchase!

    Rubber regards


  • Jefferson says:

    Thanks for the advice! Have gone for the large. Love how it looks and can’t wait to find out how it feels! Will let you know once it’s arrived and tried…

  • MPE says:

    Here’s my favorite technique for putting on a penis sheath:

    Turn it inside out. Apply a tiny bit of lube or soap on the real outside (which is now “inside”). The real inside you can have some water to make the wet latex cling, but don’t lube. Rub it around a bit, there should be very little friction when the whole area is lubed. Now put the tip of the sheath to the tip of your penis, gently roll/slide it on and you’ll get a nice airtight fit directly. I find the start can be tricky, but easier to do when semi-erect, and once getting past the glans slide the sheath a little back and forth a few times to get fully erect ;) then the rest should be easy. You need to sort of wrap the ball sack around the balls.

    This works with sheath pants, pull them “almost-on”, then do the above trick, and when you’re halfway through pull the pants up a bit more more, roll on the rest of the shaft, pull the pants up completely and roll on the balls.
    There’s a different sensation than with lube inside, but I like it. Your mileage may vary.

    Something else: I wonder about female pants/suits with internal vaginal sheath, it’s kind of a turn-on for me, but I haven’t been able to get it work. Wonder what it is like from a female perspective – worth the hassle?
    I bought a panty for a mistress. But I think the sheath was too tight and too thick rubber. It worked well with fingers and small dildos, but very difficult with my normal-size manhood.
    Any experiences, suggestions, recommendations?

  • kre8tor69 says:

    More a question. Will any of these work with a med created semi hard cock? We still need to f… the wife but nature and even the blue pill is not helping.

  • 3xL says:

    Sure you should be able can wear a latex penis sheath over a semi hard cock, but I don’t think it’s going to improve your performance when it comes to sex.

  • Zentaicub says:

    What advice do you have for someone shorter, but with bigger balls, I have the small sheath you posted but it’s still too long :/ and takes a lot of work to it it on over my larger balls. Is there any site that offers custom sized sheaths, and if so can one get them attached to briefs or pants?

  • katherine says:

    hello how much are the penis sheth and how can i get 1 .

  • 3xL says:

    A Latex Penis Sheath cost from 22-25 USD and can brought in most online latex shops.

  • Jordan says:

    Hi! Where I can find
    Latex Penis Sheath Long Balls?

  • Mikelatex says:

    Hallo, I prefer a sleeve with that long tube. Turn that tube to the inside, stabilice with a soft rubber tube of 10 mm diameter and slide that into my urethral, for me just the best. I can hold that in my urethral with shaft apadravya piercing which I have.

  • Rubberspares says:

    Hey. First off, thanks for the blog post. I’m sheath OBSESSED! Nothing i love more in the world than slipping into a lubed sheath for some c&b envasement. Especially if its transparent so yoy can see everything thats going in i there. ;)

    I’ve got several, the small I found too tight and painful.
    I have 2 of what I assume are the large ones (not from twist my rubber arm).
    I love them, the length and shaft thickness is great … … but …
    I never find the balls/scrotum part of the sheath deep enough. I can just about fit myself into it, but after a while it’s quite painful, preventing me from doing extended sessions. Also, I’d love to fit say a cock and ball spreader over them, impossible with the current setup.

    Any advice????

    I see some videos on xtube where guys have a sheath with a much deeper scrotum on them. Any heads up on where to go for them???


  • 3xL says:

    Hi Rubberspares,

    thank for your comment.
    The large sheath fit’s me perfectly and I can use it on top of my Oxball Cocksling.
    Have you tried it that way around?

    Rubber regards


  • Mith says:

    Hello folks,
    Love the latex thing especially the sheath in pants. Also curious about the anal sheath, as have had the sheath pants with a plug….great when moving around.
    If using the anal sheath pants, is it best to lube the outside of the sheath that goes up in the bum or feed it in with minimal lube, so it doesn’t slip out if using a plug in the anal sheath?

  • Rick says:

    I love Twist My Rubber Arm and, among other things, always go to them for my cock and ball sheath needs. I love their extra thin ones for several reasons. First, I prefer my catsuits to be thin and the thickness matches well. Thin just feels so much more stretchy and rubbery to me. I usually glue the sheath to the suit and the color range in the thin will match most suits. Also, because they are thin, they are comfortable to wear. The thicker ones begin to be to tight on my balls after a while.

    I glue a couple of extra half inch bands around the seam where the sheath is glued to the suit as a collar. I also make a half inch collar of several layers of latex to put on first. I make it fairly stiff but, the right size unstretched to keep my balls from passing back through yet not uncomfortable to wear full time. Both my cock and balls pass through this. I lube my cock, balls and the inside of the sheath with silicone anal lube and put the suit on. I poke my fingers into the balls part of the sheath from the outside, pull the opening into the sheath wide and, because I have the other collar already on inside the suit so that my balls don’t tend to pop inside me, everything slides right into the sheath. I am gay and shaved, so I cant really address the hair issue.

    I wear full rubber for hours and hours and often sleep in a footed, gloved and hooded latex catsuit. I solved the bathroom issue by cutting a small hole in the tip just large enough for my stream. If you are going to top someone, you need to put a little glue around the opening, make a ring of thread a little larger than the hole and fold the latex back over the thread. If you don’t, your penis can stretch the hole open, pop through and slide up your shaft while thrusting. Also, the untreated edge of the latex can rip when stretched like that.

    I have had attached anal sheaths before, as mentioned above, but mostly for that all over complete rubber feeling. However, when I am having sex, I prefer just a small slit in the rear of my suits, just large enough for my Boyfriend’s member to pass through.

    I hope this doesn’t sound too explicate. I’m just trying to share information and don’t know how else to put it.


  • Latexnewbie says:

    I have just started wearing latex and feel empowered all covered in my catsuit, my ultimate fantasie is encasing my penis and balls in latex as well. I have a 00ga apadravya piercing, will ir get in the way or will it be fine?

  • 3xL says:

    Hi Latexnewbie. I’m sure you will be fine.

  • John says:

    How can i find the price of the latex penis sheat and how can i place an order?

  • 3xL says:
  • Bndplay says:

    I got an entry neck catsuit with penis sheath, all made to my size. Problem is on peeing. By knowing that I still need to wear a condom for avoiding std’s or HIV. Can I punch a hole in the tip of the sheath without tearing it? Any suggestions?

  • Riki says:

    I buy my C/B sheathes from Twist My Rubber Arm also. I like the thin ones, .3mm They stretch more and are easier to get on, they cup my balls snugly without squeezing so much and are comfortable to wear for as long as I want, which has been more than a full day when wearing a catsuit.
    I like to make a long strip of latex, coat it with glue and wrap it around a just the right size cylinder enough times to make a stiff rubber band. It’s stiff, but it stretches enough to get my cock and balls through it. The at rest, the diameter is small enough that my balls wont pop back through it but, not so snug as to be uncomfortable or keep me from wearing it as long as I want. I make a round opening in my catsuit, glue the band to the suit and the sheath to the suit.
    It has several advantages. Sometimes a testicle can pop out of a sheath. The stiff band stops this. Also, the band, without being an actual ball stretcher, holds them out and well defined away from the body and seems to have a nicer cupping feeling. I do the band thing on my sheathes that I don’t attach to suits also that are for accessories worn with other latex clothing. On those I add a thin latex flange about two inches wide to the open end of the band or collar. It helps to make sure that there is no naked skin exposed and not covered by latex when I take my stuff out of my outfit. When I wear a catsuit, I don’t want to have to go through the problem of taking everything off to use the bathroom so I make a very small slit in the tip of the sheath and reinforce it so it doesn’t rip. I can pee just fine and don’t have to do anything except let it go.

  • Deej says:

    Thanks for the article. Just starting to get interested in cock sheaths (whether on its own, or built into the catsuit/pants proper. While I’m digressing slightly, do you have any recommendations for companies that sell quality pants/catsuits with the sheath built in?

    Thanks again.

  • Gary S. says:

    Does anyone make latex penis/testicle sheaths for us guys with smaller penises.

    The testicle cover is great but the ones I’ve tried are quite abit longer than my penis.

    Thanks in advance for your help

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