• Dark says:

    Don’t know this woman, but what a tragedy to pass at such a young age in the springtime of one’s life.

    I hope she didn’t suffer and her loved ones can bear the sudden terrible loss – not likely.

  • Onij says:

    Wow that is sad, how did she die? She was so young.

  • Onij, check out the link to The Fetishistas. Tony explains it all quite more eloquently than I could have.

  • Ancilla says:

    I am absolutely shocked by this news :-( I have met Veronica many times over the past 5yrs at different events across the world. To be completely honest I never really hit it off with her, although she was always correct and courtious. Reading Tony Mitchells blogpost makes me understand better why she might have been like that. She was obviously smart, a skilled dominatrix and beautiful young woman, she might have had her problems but no-one deserves such a tragic ending :-(

    My last encounter with her, I clearly remember her in her transgreen latex dress remains clearly in my mind. She will be missed in the fetish scene. R.I.P. Veronica and all the best of strength to her loved ones.

  • YelloBird says:

    I only knew Veronica through Alex (HoB), but she seemed to be a very talented and friendly woman.

    She will be sorely missed by a lot of people.

  • I knew Veronica several Years ago while working as a sub at The Dominion. Her drive and skill was one of the things that brought Me more into the Lifestyle as a Dominant (where I really “fit” now). She was kind, easy-going, and although I went through a stage of Jealousy for Her quick rise to International Fame, let Me tell you, She absolutely deserved it. This is the type of Domina all Professional as well as Lifestylers should truly emulate. She was skilled and did things CORRECTLY, which is something I rarely see “out there”.

    Now, I live the Lifestyle happily Retired (Lifestyle is truly where I belong), but this News saddens Me deeply and Greatly…no one deserves to have the bloom plucked off the vine this early.

    Veronica, I hope You have found Peace, and God Rest Your Soul….

    With Fond Regards

    Mistress KattrinaK

    aka Kontradiction

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