• Thank you 3XL! You’re a peach!
    Donations can be made here:


  • Lowvan says:

    After seeing the video, I was really sad. I can’t believe people would even do something like this.

    However, the good news is that I donated. Not because of latex, not because of Bianca, but because I want to save this lovely animal from a gruesome death. I hope everyone, from all over the world, who spend 100’s of dollars/euros on latex a year, spend even as little as 5 dollar to this cause.

    I do have to give credit to Bianca for raising awareness to this cause.

  • Cindy74 says:

    I made a note in Fetlife about it. Why not nudge the fetlife owners a little bit?

  • SpikeyO says:

    I support this cause wholeheartedly. Thanks to Bianca and 3xL for drawing attention to it.


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