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  • Rudemaster says:

    I’m sorry to see gwenmedia go, I suspect it’s due to the new measures that the US has brought in for adult sites, all the keeping of model records etc…


  • dv8 says:

    START sarcasm mode >> finally some sense coming from the USuvA, this is going to save more families and lives than gun control! Salvation awaits >>END sarcasm mode

  • SHiP says:

    >Rudemaster said…
    >I’m sorry to see gwenmedia go,
    >I suspect it’s due to the new
    >measures that the US has brought
    >in for adult sites,

    Nope nothing to due with 2257 or obscenity as a few Gwenmedia releases were done after Bob passed (okay TRUE only in Europe) but Skye Blue’s GOTHIC Media is still going and showing even MORE direct sex than most Bob EVER did.

    The current management says in the posting that they want to go do other things. Can’t really fault them for wanting THEIR visions created.

    Still had hoped it would have continued though. But RARELY does an adult company continue on past its founders’ death or retirement, ESPECIALLY in the niche markets.

  • Anonymous says:

    In case you didn’t know, GwenMedia is back…

  • joey84 says:

    Yea, this is bogus. GwenMedia is indeed back and in all truth it was never really gone. They just released a new movie called The Portal and have a few more in production. Check out the site – They also have a yahoo group account if anybody is interested in joining.

  • 3xL says:

    Please notice that this is OLD POST from March 2006!

    Back then this was not bogus, but a fact! GwenMedia was indeed closed down and did not opened again before a year later when Isabella Sinclaire won full ownership of GwenMedia.

    See my other posts on this subject:
    Isabella Sinclaire get full ownership of GwenMedia!
    The Return of Gwenmedia!
    Gwenmedia Update…

    Rubber regards


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