• Anonymous says:

    It’s certainly a nice dress and a funny one too, but I am not so sure about the statement against anorexic models in this: After all, Naomi Campbell is certainly not anorexic.

    It would seem to me, that the designers at “House of Holland” just wanted to be funny, not convey any particular message?!


  • Anonymous says:

    I’m not sure Latex is really the right material to make this valid point – it really is very unforgiving of the heavier build – or am I missing a level of irony here?

  • Anonymous says:

    Well given that the model pictured above looks fantastic, I think you must be missing something.

  • randomprecision says:

    henry holland is saying nothing of the sort… it’;s from his tongue in cheek fashion reference collection(fashion groupies), he loves his skinny shwoed along side other saying things like do me daily christopher bailey(the designer for burberry)…

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