• Gary Brindle says:

    This seems a strange lawsuit, Abigail has designs which have never been sold by Syren and she has many unique items. I hope Syren are aware of the potential damage this could cause to their PR image.

  • David Schlosser says:

    Well this shows how backwards the USA when it comes to latex if it’s not in the movies or on TV can’t talk about it or have an idea what latex is all about Abigal my suggestion is to leave the USA and take your talents to the UK or Europe where people will appreciate your hard working talent and designs move on to a nation that understands what latex is all about as a passion not a fashion.

    Dave Schlosser

  • CJB says:

    This certainly is having an impact in the North American Latex Community, as Consumers (including Moi) will boycott SYREN (The Stockroom Inc.) & shop elsewhere ….

    Abigail Greydanus was an asset to their Couture Company. (my opinion) the just thing for SYREN (The Stockroom Inc.) to do is let Abigail Greydanus continue to work Freelance & hire new Designers for their own Couture line (to file a lawsuit because you’re losing Celebrity Clients – while a Freelance Fashion Designer is being hired to create Latex Couture – isn’t going to appeal to Consumers) ….

  • kumi says:

    The AP article really isn’t much of an story. They’ve left out quite a bit.

    People are reading AG’s post about the lawsuit and not really getting the whole story (or much of the truth for that matter).

    The filings are available to the public now and once read, things actually start to become clearer.

  • CJB says:

    I will agree, the AP Article is as brief as “most” media reports regarding the Lawsuit filed by SYREN (The Stockroom Inc) against Freelance Couture Designer Abigail Greydanus) …

    If this Court Filing is available to the public, please feel free to post a weblink (while I’d welcome a 2nd opinion, I’m already siding with Freelance Couture Designer Abigail Greydanus, as SYREN has lost its lustre with me as Customer) ….

  • kumi says:

    The filings are online at the los angeles superior court page (not sure what that link is but google works).
    it’ll cost about $5.00


    i posted excerpts from it over at fetlife.
    and there are plenty of opinions there so you’ll get more than just two.

    i noticed that link was posted in a comment at her original blog post but it was deleted.

  • LatexConservative says:


    This is business – this if fashion: you really cannot tell the two apart any longer.

    For years, particularly in fashion, designers have been calling for the right to patent what they perceive to be certain looks or exclusive designs. The problem, of course, will always be the commonality of clothing. A print, a stitch, a wear, a trim: it has been done before.

    Fetish clothing is not immune to these facts. Someone thinks this designer stole their ideas and they go sue. At least that is the excuse. Usually when someone cannot compete with their competition, they try to lawsuit them out of existence: if they don’t win the case on the merits, the idea actually is to make their foe waste both time and money defending themselves. As we know, if you don’t have the time to make money because someone has you in court all the time you’re losing profits to maintain the business while spending what money you do have.

    Just another sign that fetish clothing has reached the mainstream, ironically enough. You know it will get really bad when a lawsuit breaks out over catsuits. I wish I could laugh, but one day, some day…….

  • Gary Brindle says:

    Thank you Kumi for taking the time to update this affair, certainly shows the two sides to every story saying is very true.

  • l8rlatex says:

    Looks like a lot of people jumped on the bandwagon prematurely. This site is updating it’s news. Fetlife thread / links show there is clear cut evidence on her Blog. She may not be the victim she makes herself out to be. Claims she received warning and ignored it.

  • Archean says:

    I wrote what I think is a very comprehensive summary of the arguments for and against Syren and Abigail. You can find it on my Miss Rubber World blog here:

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