• Madam Anne says:

    I love using latex outdoors
    I usually get positive comments as people are most curious about what I wear and want to touch the clothes
    When I wear a jacket and trousers in latex in motorcycle style and sometimes a long raincoat and levis trousers in latex
    Regards M Anne

  • Kevlaar says:

    back in the 90’s, I hooked up with Cindy DeMarco(Chicago)of the House Of Whacks. On my first visit, I purchased a 8mm neck entry catsuit from INVINCIBLE. This thing lasted me over 3 years. I would wear it at work, while riding my bike, walking through the mall, taking the train and even on a plane coming back from Amsterdam(I was the only person on the plane to be searched). As a matter of fact, I’m wearing a Murray and Vern at this moment.

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