• Noooo! I need those! I have lived all winter in my Hunters. But THOSE! O. M. G! o_O

  • Dark says:


    When I read you plan to buy your lovely wife 3 pairs of these boots it got me thinking. First.. of course what a great husband… we know that it was also a gift to yourself. wink wink.

    But the other point is I am curious of how much money rubberists and fetishists are spending on their “kit”? I am not intending to pry into people’s finances and so forth, but wanted to find out how much we are spending on our gear. Many are making their own which does cut the cost as latex is very expensive.

    How about mounting a survey about this and perhaps ask such things as?

    How has your spending changed over the years? first year? 2nd thru 5th year… 6th thru 10th year and so on? provide amount spent..

    How has the type of purchases changed over time?

    What percentage of your clothing purchases are for fetish attire

    How much WOULD you spend if you had no financial constraints?

    Are you wearing / using all your older purchases? If not would you sell them, throw them out or give them away?

    What influences your most current purchase?

    These are some of the things which would be interesting to know… for no other reason than it would help understand the fetish phenomena.

    Polls can help us understand people’s behavior.

  • 3xL says:

    @ Dark: Thanks for your comment. Yes, it’s also a gift for myself. :) Very interesting idea with the survey. I don’t have time to do such a huge survey at the moment, but might do it later this year.

  • latexcatsuit says:

    I want these too!
    But in USA web site, I can’t buy…? In UK site, I can’t find “Lapin” boots…
    Where can I buy?

  • 3xL says:

    latexcatsuit@ Patience, my friend. They are not available yet.

  • latexcatsuit says:

    Yep. Old man said “Haste makes waste.”

  • happymonster says:

    I called up Hunter (who are local), and they said that unfortunately it looks to only be a USA product, that they’re likely not going to get over here. If you want a pair, i think it’s going to be a case of importing!

    if anyone has any idea where you can actually pick them up in the US (or anywhere that will ship internationally) could you post it here, maybe?

  • LatexConservative says:

    You can use the Hunter store finder at their website for U.S. purchases at least. I found a store very nearby. JOY!

  • happymonster says:

    ahh, but did they have any of the Lapins in stock? i checked some websites, but didn’t find them anywhere. but maybe there’s more luck to be had with brick and mortar stores!

  • Alphax says:

    Unfortunately, Hunters’ ladies styles only go up to size UK 8 or 9. ** Boo Hiss **

  • XLheel says:

    3xL is there a trick to get other shipping countries than Australia, Canada & United Kingdom on Bloomindales international shopping site ?

  • 3xL says:

    No other trick that having friend in one of the locations they ship to and then having that them ship the boots to you. Also be prepared for paying a hefty import tax!

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