• CM Bailey says:

    Skin Two, in it’s present form will be badly missed. By Mrs. CM and I anyway.

  • I was just reading a Skin Two back issue from ’04 and it was really a brilliant magazine. Commercially well put-up, beautiful imagary. Well-written articles and insights. The cover was so beautiful you could hardly leave it sitting on the shelve and the catchy phrases on the cover were incredibly witty (About the Las Vegas Bondcon convention; ” Bond girls; Tying the knot in Vegas”) What a shame for something so wonderful to dissapear. We’ll always have the back-issues, I guess.. Boohoo!

  • Latex says:

    it was kind of expected as they have reduced the publications the last few years!

    but is’s a shame as they were covering a lot of important issues besides the ‘scene’

  • Rachel says:

    Thank you for the positive comments about Skin Two. There are new projects in progress both on and off line, so there will be plenty to look forward to! Rachel May

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