Jessie latex cosplay from Pokemon by Lena Foxx.

In addition to latex sheeting, you need a range of supplies and tools – latex adhesive, rotary knife, latex cleaner, talcum powder, and more. You need to research all materials and tools you need for your latex costume, so you can plan ahead and ensure you have everything you need. Latex Kitty’s “making latex clothing guides” is an excellent place to start researching.

If you don’t feel comfortable making a full latex costume from scratch, consider using off-the-rack latex clothing. Maybe you need a latex crop top as part of the cosplay, then buy a full top in the right color and cut off the bottom part. Maybe you need some details, lettering, or color panels, then buy some latex sheeting in the right color and decorate the latex pieces as needed. It is possible to make a professional-looking latex costume using the right tools, materials, and techniques.

April O'Neil latex cosplay Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Little Sl@ve Kitten

April O’Neil latex cosplay Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Little Sl@ve Kitten.

One last option is to order a latex costume made-to-measure from a professional latex designer. You get what pay for, so make sure it’s a high quality latex costume that fits perfectly.

You will likely need to provide a list of your measurements to the designer, so be sure to ask a friend for assistance and use this guide on taking measurements.

The following latex designers have experience with latex cosplay: Andromeda Latex, Latex Cosplay Dreams, Vengeance Designs, Syren Couture, Nimues Latex and Vex Clothing.

Dressing Up as a Latex Cosplayer
Putting on a latex cosplay requires a bit of preparation for a comfortable and flattering fit. This may include shaving or waxing body hair, trimming nails, applying baby powder or lubricant to the skin.

Rushing when putting on your latex cosplay is not recommended, as latex is fragile and can easily rip when stretched too hard or even pierced by sharp nails or jewelry. Just take it easy and don’t stress. When you are fully dressed, remember to shine the latex using latex polish and a soft cloth.

It’s essential to be aware of potential health risks associated with wearing latex, such as allergies or overheating. Bring a coat if it’s cold or move to the shade or an air-conditioned room if it’s too warm. Bring som latex polish along to buff the shine of the latex, and some water to keep you hydrated.

Asuka Langley latex cosplay from Neon Genesis Evangelion by Sasha Holland

Asuka Langley latex cosplay from Neon Genesis Evangelion by Sasha Holland.

Taking Care of Your Latex Cosplay
Proper care and maintenance of your latex cosplay costume is crucial to keeping it looking its best. This includes cleaning it after use, storing it away from direct sunlight or heat, keeping bright and light-colored latex separated, and using special products like silicone polish and talc powder to keep it looking shiny.

Good Cosplay Etiquette
Always behave respectfully toward a cosplayer, latex-wearin’ or not. If you want to take their photo or take a photo with them, make sure to ask them first. Just because someone else has permission to take photos, doesn’t mean you can too. “Cosplay is not consent”, so don’t touch a cosplayer without their permission.

Latex cosplay is an art form that requires skill and dedication, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. Whether you’re creating a costume for yourself or making a statement with your cosplay, latex cosplay is a great option to consider.

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