• Stefan says:

    My favorite colour is blue.
    I want to start with briefs.

  • Søren Brandt says:

    Hey there.
    If i win i wil make me a super tight miniskirt, to go with my first corset…. ;-)
    Best fro Søren, Denmark

  • Mathilda Sveronius says:

    My favourite is Pearlsheen peacock blue and if I won I would make a tight fitting bodice with medium length sleeves, probably lace up front latex lace details.

  • DarkDazzy says:

    I’ve always had a soft spot for Metallic pewter but in all honesty I’d probably go for black!

    I’m very much a beginner crafter, having only made some accessories, so I’d either make some cuffs or maybe some gauntlets!

  • Mewlix says:

    I absolutely love the 4D pearlsheen blue and the 4D pearlsheen fuchsia latex colors.
    It would be fun to try to make a ruffly collar with the kit. Perhaps there may be enough for some cuffs as well if I manage to avoid mistakes.
    Smooth and nice latex is always great, but I do like some 3d structure to it as well and I’ve always been impressed by the pretty ruffles some people have made! I’ll have to source hardware from somewhere as well, but that shouldn’t be too hard I think.

  • Tomas Ponga says:

    I would like to do a suit to my self and to my design I would use almost every color. I have som ideas. Fetish and fashion style.

  • Victoria says:

    Metallic purple! (47798 Latex sheeting metallic purple-M50)
    Given that I’d only have 1 meter of latex sheeting, I’d probably attempt to make a simple hood.

  • Håkan says:

    i love the blue colour!
    i think id want to create a corset!

  • Morten says:

    My favorite colour is white.
    Will start with a butterfly.
    The remainder will be used for
    appliques and lettering. ???

  • Birgitte says:

    A nice dress

  • Erik says:

    My favoriter color is dark green.
    I would love to do a simple tank top.

  • Betty B says:

    I would love to make a white tail coat og a White Tie for myself ?

  • Heidi says:

    My favourite colour is pewter. I would start with a skirt.

  • James says:

    Damas silver ….and I would love to make a mask

  • Megan says:

    I love the green, rose, and peacock blue. I would love to make a corset with the latex.

  • Miikka says:

    The favourite colour is white.
    I would like to make a body with open crotch.

  • Flaminia says:

    I’m absolutely in love with the colour red. It has always been my favourite, I love to wear regular red clothing, but I have a bunch of red latex garments too. This could be the perfect opportunity to mix a new hobby and and old fetish!

  • Alastor says:

    I find metallic platinum amazing, i would use it for making myself a futuristic set made of a vest and trousers!

  • Ray says:

    Favorite color is white. Will try and make a hood white the kit!

  • Chillx says:

    My favorite color is the Nightshade Blue, maybe the raspberry pink :)

    I’d hope to make something simple for my girlfriend. A leotard or an underwear set :)

  • Rubberwim says:

    Plum is the color that makes me happy right now. The promised meter alone will not be sufficient for the plans that arise in that imaginative head of mine.

  • Metallica purple (M50) from radical rubber is my favorite color, if back isn’t considered a color, because there’s something about black ;-). I think I would start out with making something simple like a set of latex gauntlets, and if it works out I’ll move on to making hoods.

  • Zzajjeff says:

    I’d go for metallic purple and make matching his/her panties.

  • D_Moon_ says:

    For latex I tend to prefer black, especially with a bright red or aqua accent. For my first project, I’d love to make a simple (corset style) belt to accessoirize my current favourite outfit or a harnass as a gift for someone special

  • spaceQueeril says:

    47040 Latex sheet bright vibrant pink is my fav. I would love to make an matching set of pet ears, collar and cuffs, with nice cutesey elements to it.

  • rubbermacca says:

    I absolutely love the look of the T10 natural translucent from Radical Rubber.I would probably have a go at making a pair of shorts or a hood, either wood look great in the T10.

  • Tom Schofield says:

    Metallic peacock is my favourite colour. I’m ambitious and would try making a hood.

  • Adam says:

    Classic black will always be my favorite! I would want to start simple with something like latex gauntlets, but I’d love to work my way up to something a little more involved like a vest or mask.

  • Peter Hansen says:

    I would like to make a shirt in black transparent latex and show it to the world?

  • Lee says:

    Ooooh my, it’s so hard to decide! All the colors are gorgeous, but I’ve been especially in love with green lately. The 4D pearlsheen in shamrock is stunning and I’d love to try my hand at making a mini skirt, maybe with some ruffles as a cute accent.

  • Katie D says:

    I love the metallic black.

    I’d love to make a cute little mini skirt.

  • Przemek says:

    Metallic grey(silver) is my fav all time. I would like to make a pants or cargo shorts and walk in them outside. Thanks

  • Fabian says:

    My favourites are black, plum, red. For some small applications, some yellow would be good. My next projects are a jacket (effect latex) and a coat (semi transparent).

  • Paul says:

    My favorite latex color is purple. I would try to make a harness with it.

  • Tanja says:

    Scarlet red – Red is my colour, and I would like to make a ruffled boleo and a matching ruffled hip… thingy… to go with the chain harness I’ve made ??

  • Loose says:

    My favorite color is metallic purple and I would create a catsuit.

  • Mike says:

    My favorite color is black and I’d probably start off with something simple like a skirt or tank top. Would love to make my own catsuit one day though.

  • Sus says:

    My favorite color is red. I haven’t made my own latex clothing (yet), but I would like to start with a pencil skirt with ruffles at the bottom (maybe in black), and somehow incorporate som black dots too (I love dots).

  • Cayos says:

    While black will always be my consistent favorite, I’ve fallen in love with Radical Rubber’s Metallic Peacock lately! I’d really love trying to make a peplum belt for myself, or eventually work up to a big raincoat.

  • Mark says:

    I think the Metallic Petrol Blue but followed closely by the Metallic Peacock. So many choices! Although just starting out on making, I just ordered 16m of the peacock :)

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