• Malcolm C Grant says:

    Yeah, all right! I certainly liked the music; it was retro with strong hints of Abba, but PLEASE, would someone mind telling me what that video was all about ? ? ? Despite the fetish references, I’m afraid that I did not find this video titilating or sexually stimulating in the slightest. Lady Gaga should take charge of her career and tell her handlers/producers etc that in this instance, her music is worthy of standing alone, without the need of an eight minute long piece of incomprehensible balderdash which I’m minded to believe has been a WASTE of time and money. MUSICAL CONTENT= 9/10. VISUAL CONTENT= 2/10

  • Marc says:

    Can’t help it, but I do not find her (Lady GaGa) attractive in any way… Even the latex cant make here more interesting, and that (almost) never happens!

  • Ellendyl says:

    Is it me or is the black tissue covering the coffin at the beginning also in latex?

    I see no mention of it on the stylist website, but I’m pretty sure of what I’m saying.

    The way it falls and it moves on the loose part around the coffin, the way it covers it closely and tightly when viewed from above,…

  • I find her desperation and girl next-door looks appealing. Also her contrived creepy stillness in interviews. You see a lot of that at fetish clubs. Regards, Jackson

  • The video is a throwback to the 80s isn’t it? But the songs were better then. Even ‘Radio Ga Ga’ ironically enough. Regards, Jackson.

  • It is indeed latex on the coffin Ellendyl, I helped them out with that at Syren.

  • pete says:

    Well, not a hit with the rubberists then. I think this sort of thing cheapens and deeroticises our little pecadilo which belongs in fetish clubs and dungeons not on M.T.V. Maybe I,m being a little precious here. But anything out of context just looks ridiculous.Let’s keep it naughty and rude.

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