• Ronald says:

    Hi There, nice tweet list, but I’m missing the Fetish Factory in that list!


    Now they’re mainly posting updates with regards to the store and party specials but I believe they intend to use it much more in the near future!


  • Craig says:

    Thanks for this 3xL! I wondered where all the extra followers came from just then…!

  • Thank you soo much! ;)

  • EsEm says:

    I think you should add, is Slinka designer of Ego Assassin Latex Line. I have followed her twitter for about a year, and she always has something entertaining to say, her tweets make my day some days.

  • Lady Arrakis says:

    It’s your fault, now I’m hooked up at Twitter as well! :D

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  • Jade Vixen says:

    Thank you 3xL!

  • Inflate123 says:

    And let’s not forget @biancabeauchamp in your roundup!

  • 3xL says:

    Bianca Beauchamp did not make the list as she don’t follow anyone (she follows 1 person atm) and thereby don’t really socialize. So following her is like subscribing to a stream of one way information and that’s not really what Twitter is about.

    I’m sure that Bianca has plenty to do with the LatexLair forum and all the other things she does, so I totally understand, if she don’t have the time.

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