• HMSophie says:

    I believe my first latex garment was a Polymorphe dress. I bought it direcly from Polymorphe by email years ago. They were very professional and efficient despite the lack of real online shop.

  • Steve says:

    Thanks for showing our site and that we are now back in business. You are 100% correct about our old ebay name. We made the mistake of closing our old shop and now E-Bay will not accept ultimatelsut they said it was unacceptable :-) We have a lot more new designs coming along and a very special VacBed that is unique !! New photo shoot soon.

  • Polymorphe says:

    Thank you for finding and mentioning our new site. It is still in the Beta phase, so the shopping cart is not working correctly. For now, the site functions more as a gallery and catalog than online store. However, we are happy to take any orders manually since we are not sure of the exact time frame for when the site will be working properly. Send any requests to

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