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  • Marianne Latex says:

    Just Back at home after my kinky trip to Praga and London… so let
    me give you a resume about these long kinky holydays….

    My first stop was in Praga..there meet a Cassandra Latex..and with her
    enjoy three incredible night playing in latex, trainning my body..she
    forced me to dress my corset all time, even to walk a 10 km to visited
    the center of the city..(they have a amazing middle age…
    she was so kind with me..and severe too so ..I enjoy so much… taked
    hundreds of pic´s that will see you there in her web site soon..she
    was looking for my trainned like sub and help me to develop my dom
    side too… she help me to find the both side of me… thanks so much
    Cassie and hope to meet you again soon…. a amazing big kiss for you….

    In London meet my friend Alejandra (she live in france, and we share
    the room all week end … The rubber ball week end was amazing
    starting at cocktail party and then the follow main events Torture
    Garden (friday), Rubbar Ball (Saturday) and Rub Club (Sunday), im all
    those party I was danzing so much ( enjoy danzing special in high… all party was different.. I enjoy all of these ones..
    but 3xL ask me what was the best…mhh hard to said…but could said
    that was Torture Garden… but sure be there some body that think
    different to me… both venue was amazing with great shows …. you
    could select what want to dance and and what want to see… the latex
    and kinky fauna was amazing in boths… many kinky dressed …
    wonderfull girls in latex and corset ..wonderfull boys and amazing
    Tgirls.. there found a Eva Vortex ..she look so great… and is a very
    kind girl…

    The Expo was amzing many latex rubber items..many new collections ..I
    enjoy partcullary the Absolute Danny new collection..even i will order
    a new Bra tro be doing at my meassure to alloweed my newest breast
    froms that get in Latexfashion in Praga …. also my friend Alejandra
    get a amazing Corset in Dark Garden from SF, USA, and a latex corset
    from Latexa, Germany.. that had a perfect desing for her body..mhhhh
    she look great in both of these ones… many stand showing many
    Bondage equipmenta nd otehr stuff… the Honour and Swin Two show new
    collections.. Torture Graden desing show new amazing clothes… in
    shorth words the show was great… there looking for new clothes to
    surprise us with her pic´s found Leanne and her friend Vicky ..with
    chat a little and continue buying…lol ..a big kiss for you Leanne
    and Vicky

    I enjoy so much also Rub Club was not so full of people like other
    events so was more littel quiet ..and could chat a little with friends
    like 3XL and Eva Vortex… and danzing…

    Also have to said thanks to those all that help me so much with
    theright Hotel saelection..Sarah, Leanne and Karen ..thanks for you
    advice..a dn big kiss for you….

    Soon I will write a little more


    Marianne latex

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