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  • Anonymous says:

    Too right major league ugly! Ebear_ca

  • SHiP says:

    Speaking from a woman’s point of view that picture is an open invitation to indulge and is VERY easy on the eyes. And I see NO hair on THAT ass! But if BORAT was to wear that we be reacting just as you are. Fortunately that men looks NOTHING like flabby hairy movie boy!

    The problem is too many men who are into latex fetish do NOT understand what attracts women is the same as men. We want men who exercise on any REGULAR reliable schedule, do NOT have a beer gut, DO shave their back and DO regularly wash AND SHAVE their ass crack. But heck most men wear a FRIGGIN’ UNIBROW! thinking it makes them “macho” PFT! And you know how much training it takes to get men on the little things such as alcohol between their toes, shaving nose hairs to prevent them from looking like they are trying to grow an moustache from THERE. TWO YEARS!

    But if a woman forgets to shave her legs every other week oh my gods the complaints and bearlike comments!

    So believe me if this guy was to be hanging out at the fetish bar just wearing this, believe me he will NOT be having any problem from loneliness until he opens his mouth and speaks that is ;D But that is what a ballgag and full head hood are for!

  • Carsten says:

    What about this?
    :-) are they serious? Who the hell would buy this??? Not me! :-)

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