• Dark says:

    Different strokes as they say. I don’t find anything appealing to my sensibilities in this collection. Fetish has clearly improved in the design department with in influence of fashion applied to latex. SKII seemed to have been a leader in making fetish elegant and a fashion statement. And then latex became a fashion textile and moved further and further away from its fetish origin. This collection epitomizes this arc. It’s tight fitting and reveals a lot of flesh which is more akin to porn wear mixed in with Halloween and Victoria’s Secret.

    I suppose that there comes a point when it becomes difficult to create fetish designs and off they go into the bizarre designs for the sake of bizarre it seems. There’s a sucker born every minute and someone will just treasure this gold.

  • Lady Arrakis says:

    @at Dark: I couldn’t agree more and surely put it so well in written words!

  • Rubber Eva says:

    Dark certainly sums it up very well, I am just bemused by the “Limited Numbers” when it doesn’t actually tell you haw many that is? 1 or 1000? Silly Robin lol…

  • Jade Vixen says:

    Some of the pieces have the actual number that will be produced, i.e. Sailor Moon limited to 20, but not all of them, so I thought it would be silly to include the actual numbers for some items but not others.

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