• Anonymous says:

    Aren’t these shows beginning to look all the same? Beautiful sexy women bots acting the same in their rubber outfits must be thrilling the first few times, but surely one gets numbed or bored or tired of seeing it and I imagine doing it. But if it’s a job it’s beats a lot of jobs. I think we are being overloaded with the same old same old. Shame that is, because 10 years ago this all would have been so special and now it looks expected… almost like a lap dance or a porn film. I can’t be the only one who is losing interest in these “shows”.

  • January Seraph says:

    The “unidentified model” in the plastic ball was Eden Wells.

  • Andre says:

    Thanks for the clarification January. I couldn’t tell who it was…

    To the first jaded poster: Seems like a rhetorical question you asked, as though you already have answered it for yourself. I really don’t go to parties to see (fill in the blank) perform. I go to see my friends, dress up and feel at home displaying my perversion in a public place. If beautiful women, in spectacular latex outfits just happen to be performing onstage, great! Actually, no I really don’t ever get sick of seeing that… What do you propose as entertainment at fetish parties? What would you prefer to see?

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