• Dave Schlosser says:

    Greeting to all,
    I do not cross dress but I will tell you that there is one additional measurement that is very critical in latex garments and that is BODY LENGTHS inside leg & bace of neck front to bace of neck back of neck you get these incorrect your latex will not fit,chest, waist,hips, you can play with but get the lengths correct and get help to measure you will be very happy that you did.

  • Moneyshot says:

    I think its the fact that most guys what to look that they admire the most. eg woman in latex, also if they arent lucky enought to have a lady that shares the same interest the want to see what it feels like to be the object that they desire.
    Also I feel that wearing mans latex…sound stupid but has a gay look to it, now im sure x dressing has the same image propblem but I think the rubber groups its ok to x dress and still be straight ?.

    Just sharing some veiw.


  • Rubberlust says:

    Very good article, I’m sure many learned something here. The reason for us guys to wear ladies latex clothes are many… but I can say I think dresses and skirts feel a lot better than pants.. and there is so much more to choose from, at least here in my local stores. And then there is the “forbidden” aspect of it. Kinda embarassing and awkward, but it becomes a turn-on.
    And, of course I would love to see a woman in the same stuff i’m wearing. I just have to be that woman myself sometimes. There’s the humiliating aspect, transformed into a woman in latex… by a woman in latex, of course. :)

  • Mosh says:

    Haha ;)

    A great article, and just in time for me! Right when I started designing a few pseudo menswear pieces. Some of the tips and points in this article will definitely be taken into consideration!

  • pvc says:

    First I’d like to say Hi Mosh 5 years later! We use to post blog postings together on fetishbuzz! btw What ever happened to that site??? Can’t seem to log in! Great article MissFuzzyBunny. I totally can see 100% how many men would be dying to get in to ladies latex clothes. To set your theories to rest is because women like said above have the most variety in fashions. Men’s latex can definitely seem very gay. Then there’s fact that it’s hard to have a significant other who would enjoy the fashion. Dressing in women’s latex clothes just increases the pleasure being in it than in men’s clothes bottom line.

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