• Jo says:

    You mentioned HMS Latex’s journal. Can you provide the URL? I do not find it. There is the shop on Etsy, only.

  • Yep, it’s right here: and here:

    (The brighter text contains the links!)

  • The brighter text contains links.

  • I was that Weekend in London, too. My firstime by the way. I´ve heared alot good stuff of the expo and tg party. well, i was disapointed. Esp the Xpo wasn´t that great as told. The times of the shows wasn´t correct, The artists nearly missing ( why i have find out abit later) foun exacly 5 artist….. 3 of this was Photographers … hooray (ironic). I was visiting that Xpo because friends told meit would be great and maybe something for me and my works but no.. thanks.

    I know Arts aren´t very popular on Busines places. You can´t made much money with that so why let it in. If they can pay yes if not please don´t come in.

    Well all together.. i saw the same like in germany. the orices wasn´t difrend and i wasfinish after 20 mins. i had a few good talks but that mostimes with people i known , where live where i live .. the always same…..

    Nothing Special… only the missinng entertainment. Hell i don´t find the german stuff ( parties, expos and what ever) good but that Weekend was realy disapointing.

    The parties we don´t visiting on friday after expo who was very close our hotel,we choose to stay home. the tg on saturday was nicer… not that what people telling but nicer, more fun and enteratinmeint. the music was good , i met friends. I missed the fanbtastic outfits. °° what happend? are all great outfits fotos from shows ? yes it seems so. the guest who should be very crazy and good cloth are nearly missed. A ..friend in germany told me not to be conspicuous

    but i did……. and it wasn´t even dificuld.

    for all i will visit tg party again but not the fetish weekend anymore.

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