• Victoria E says:

    Congrats on your new tattoo! It is quite a trip to get one, no? I will be getting my 5th next month. :)

  • Nuke says:

    you’re doin it wrong! you’re supposed to get kitty’s name tatooed on your arm tho?

    Next one k,k?

    welcome to the wonerful world of tats ! once, you’ve popped, you can’t stop! :)

  • Th13teen says:

    Told you it would love at first sight, after the 1. shower :) Congratulations!!!

  • ancilla_tilia says:

    Wow, heavy!!! Congratulations :-)It must mean a lot to you to have a the freedom to have the lifestyle marked on your body :-) Looks great!

  • Miss Fuzzy says:

    That’s a really good point, Ancilla.

    Yes, it’s a sweet development. Who would have thought that one little visit to one little German Fetish Fair would bring such changes in one man’s life! Proof positive that fetish shut-ins need to travel to more events!

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