• AtlRubber says:

    Drawing 4!

  • Gary says:


  • I’m going to pick 1. Catwoman had a significant influence on my great interest in latex, which has only grown with time.

  • KK_LL says:

    Oh Monika, its hard…
    Think they all would be awesome – but decisive we must be…
    KK and I are picking the one with most Pony Girl features…
    We are picking no. 4…

    Giddy up Horsey!

  • Jonathan Batten says:

    Love the art and would love to have a piece hanging in our play room. I have a kitty of my own. So No. 1 would be perfect.

  • I’m going with 4

  • CJ says:

    No.1 – for me? Its perfect, but I also choose No. 4

  • gerard kelly says:

    Number 5 gives the impression of “I’m ready Master”
    All the rest are awesome so hard to choose, fantastic

  • 3xL says:

    Thanks for all your votes!

    I have put together all the votes from my website, twitter, facebook, fetlife and even via email.

    And the winner is…. No. 4! Congratulations to all who voted for that!

    Monika is finishing the painting so it’s ready for the huge Christmas Giveaway!

    Rubber regards


  • Steve says:

    As far as the drawings I like number 3 the most.

  • Kim says:

    Number 1. I love the eye contact. Plus a little tongue action :p

  • Krecik says:

    Number 2 is the best.

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