• Deep Down & Kinky says:

    Great photo – you must have had fun setting it up! I love the shiny blackness of it all!

  • Observer says:

    I am tempted to leave a comment starting with the word “you”, ending with “bastard”, and with “lucky” somewhere in the middle… but you deserve this :)

    Great stuff.

  • Fuzzy says:

    I saw this last night on Black Market and was really impressed how perfect it looks. Great work!

  • Anonymous says:

    Well done fella!

    bet that took a couple of hours to set up!

    lighting is excellent!

    (p.s. you gotta get the 50mm f1.8 for some shallow dof portrait shots, I got one for my Canon and it rocks for £66)


  • 3xL says:

    Hey all! Thanks for all your comments!

    Nuke: It did not take long to set up. We did it after the x-mas card shoot. Kitty just put on a latex hood and gas mask. I took all our toys out of the closet. And the shooting was over in 5-10 minutes later.

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