• Dark says:

    I would think the challenge for a designer in a film is to come up with something that looks unique and not trite. A basic catsuit may be what pervs groove on, but it’s not something to brand a character with and we know that these characters are identified with their unique look. They don’t want to select a look that’s been seen on 1000’s of web sites and something 10 of thousands of people already own and wear.

    So they have to accessories it and do it up somehow and that is where they can make or break it as a fetish design.

    I don’t know the character but she probably already is identified with some look already as well. This could be interesting to see how they do it.

  • 3xL says:

    LatexGirlsHD’s weblog speculates that this might be one of the latex costumes Syren hinted at our interview last month

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