• Latex says:

    He he he… great way to communicate the unspeakable! ;)

  • I don’t know – it’s a nice metaphor and all, but comparing unusual sexual preferences to disabilities seems somehow wrong to me.

  • Latex Kitty says:

    Hi Alex,
    I dont think it’s about the comparison of “unusual sexual preferences” to disabilities. (…I am not going to comment your words of choice “unusual sexual preferences”)

    I think this short movie is made in a very funny way and does not seem to be preaching to people.

    To me the message is more that sexuality is a normal part of our lives and that if there is something which does not fit into our personal ordinary sight of life, that it doesn’t automatically mean that it is unnormal nor that it need to be fixed.

    There are things which actually are a normal part of our society, but some people are not willing to see or to accept them. They try to fix, because THEY think there is something wrong.

    Which is rediculous and makes coming out and being yourself, no matter if homosexual or latex, BDSM fetishist etc., so hard for some people.

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