• inmyhead says:

    well, it would be perfect if it wouldn’t be a leather boot! so what about all us vegetarian/vegan people?

  • I did think about that. Maybe there’s a designer out there willing to give it a bash? Bespoke may work out the same in the end. And there are similar styles at – minus the sheen. Regards, Jackson

  • smileygladhand says:

    Pennangalan has had these rubber commando boots on their site for at least three years

    And they are based in the UK

    And they come in multiple colors of rubber

    And they are cheaper

    Still a Canadian maker is good for us in the states

  • Thanks for that link, I first wrote to 3xL about those when they came out. You, he and I are all on the same mission! I will forward it that link to another 3xL visitor. Yes I wish the Angels were rubber, but impactually they look good, no? I was wondering in that time was there not the demand for more designs at Pennangalan? I will have a word….Regards, Jackson

  • Ellendyl says:

    Nice link, the pennangalan.

    But I’m surprised to see, I made a test for two different items and sending to Europe is more expensive than sending to UK (ok, no problem) nor that sending to US or Rest of the World…???

    Any explanation?

  • nzrubber says:

    They need to go up to US14 to solve my crisis. :(

  • At least you’re a big boy NZ! Regards, Jackson

  • Ryan says:

    Glad I saw this posting, they’re actually on sale right now for $99.00. Can’t beat that, so I grabbed a pair!

  • IanD says:

    OK, between the post here and the email about the Fleuvog January sale, I strolled the 10 minutes over to the NYC store and found myself walking out with these boots in a size 11-1/2!

    They look killer – just going to require a little breaking-in process. And the best part – the usually-$259 boots are marked down to $99!!! A steal!!!

    I love Fleuvogs – I was wearing a 8-year-old pair of Angel Flame boots very similar to these new ones all day today. These in patent are cherry!!

  • Mark Bennett says:


    I’m after something less military like, more sleek. Its been a continual quest.

    Now I’ve seen mock leather/pvc versions for women, nothing in latex / rubber bar the Sigerson Morrisons ‘Rain or Shine’ and I just trashed a pair I had due to its tightness getting them off.


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