3xL: Where were you born and how did you end up sharing first name with a soft porn magazine?

Max: I’m born in a north of France, near Lille – I never choose my name Maxim cause its my real name not a nickname. My parents had hesitation between Maxime & Alexander, and they made their choice ! But I glad that that my name match this Maxim’s mag.

3xL: What did you want to be when you grew up and what was your first job you ever had?

Max: My first job ? It was a nightmare :p it was a “quick job” for 2 nights, I worked for a big supermarket to organize the “merchandise”, crap job ever!!! I wished that I can do archeology studies and then I finally made literature studies, because i get more interested in it.

3xL: Where are you currently living and is there a fetish scene?

Max: I’m still living in the north of France in Lille, to be honest I’ll don’t really want to move from here to another part of France, if i’m move its probably for London. In Lille there is no fetish scene, but I’ve made two fashion fetish parties here! It was a blast, cause I’ve mix fashion and fetish peoples.

3xL: Frenchmen are legendary for their charm and conquest of women. Do you believe this to be true?

Max: Well i’m not in good position to talk about that *laugh*, frenchmen likes to charm girls that’s true, but we have (most of us) a true sens of relationship and feelings. We don’t really have the vision of “conquest”, I think charm is seen as a “way to collection women” but it’s not that at all.

3xL: I know that you have a fascination for latex, but what initially drew you towards this material?

Max: Yes, I’m a real fetishist, I’ve discovered it around my 12, passion for shiny clothes and I finally discover that between, latex, pvc and leather, I’ve been addicted only to latex. It was hard at the beginning to talk about it to your girlfriend when you are young because it’s not totally usual. SO i did my first fetish stuff around my 19 years old.

3xL: Is fetish a lifestyle for you or an expressive art form?

Max: To be honest it’s both, I’m partying in fetish clubs, I had fetish girlfriends, and I love latex of course. But in other part my photography passion is not only latex but I love doing fashion fetish pics, the glamour and fashion side of the fetish is a nice art view of the fetish scene.

3xL: How long have you been photographing and did have any formal artistic training?

Max: Ive learn photography by myself and with my parents artistic influences, I’ve refused to enter in a photography school because i think that photography don’t need lesson, you just need eyes and talent. I made myself completely by books, advices and behavior!

3xL: How do you personally define fetish fine art versus pornographic imagery?

Max: I think fetish and pornographic imagery have few links but I never use those links cause I fed up of people think fetish is obviously BDSM or Porn stuff, Ive always strictly separate fetish from porn. Even some Fetish Porn imagery are truly awesome, I’m staying more on the esthetism of latex shine and women beauty. I’m sometimes doing more sexy, soft porn pics but never really used them.

3xL: Where do you find your inspiration for your photos and is it hard to come up with something new?

Max: To be honest all people get influences to another people in any domains, so bringing something new is a real challenge. I find my inspiration everywhere, thought books, paintings, movies, lifestyle etc.. The more difficult is to realise exactly what you have in mind with the most perfection! And when you success to that I think you have what I call talent!

3xL: We often hear from budding fetish photographers how difficult it is to find models in their city. How have you overcome this obstacle?

Max: I love the sentence “when you want, you can”, at the beginning i asked some of my friend to do pics for me, and I finally met a real fetish models who introduce me to another one and finally links were created. After that the fact that I’m traveling a lot makes the links easy to make between models and I.

I’m traveling in USA in November and I really can’t wait to finally meet a lots of model I’m wished so much to work with!

3xL: Which models have you enjoyed working with the most and why?

Max: Wow hard question, as ive enjoyed to work with a lots of models, particulary Adreena (uk), Ulorin Vex (uk), SisterSinister (sw), Calamity Amelie (sw) Bianca Beauchamp (ca) , Rubberdoll (usa), Eden (DE), Emily Marilyn (usa) and Sohui (UK). They all gave me the time to do nice pics. I’ve lots of “souvenirs” with a lots of models because they been really open-minded, professional and been really cool on shooting.

3xL: What is your favorite photo of your own so far and why?

Max: Again it’s a real difficult question… I think the one which people recognize a lot my work, kind of my most “popular” is the one with Eden in a transparent dress, with who I’ve made my first magazine cover few months ago. Another one I like a lot is the one i’ve shot with Hazmat in a messy room.

After those two pics Ive lots of unique pics I really like , because as I said, all shootings are unique moments of life and each gave me something new.

3xL: What cameras do you use and what are your personal must-have equipment on a shoot?

Max: I’m working on a old shit Canon 350D, but I’m going to buy the new 5D Mk 2 hopefully before Christmas. Must have? Hmm soft light and beautydish light :p , you don’t need “must have” to be creative, just use your brain and your eyes.

3xL: What kind of in-camera manipulations do you perform to glam up your portraits?

Max: I don’t do any in-manipulation, I have no filter, I just use lightening.

3xL: Today photo manipulation is an essential tool of any photographer. How much time do you spend Photoshopping your photos?

Max: I’m not a fan of hard retouching, I make only essential retouches. So much photographer edit a lot too much and finally the model looks like more a doll than reality. So I mostly edit softly face and background imperfection and lightening effect.

3xL: How has the internet helped you in your creativity?

Max: I never really used internet for my creativity, I of course watch works from other photographers and models. Even for tutorials and stuff like that, I’m sometimes use one to help me for one shot or two but I don’t spend my time on internet to search my next effect, I prefer discover new stuff thought photoshop.

3xL: What advice do you have for beginning photographers?

Max: Be patient and give your best! That’s the key! That’s what I’ve done. I gave my best to make my skill better, meet models and people from the scene.

All advices are good to take, after that just make them useful for grow up your skill.

3xL: Your photos often are of fashion latex and not normally of heavy rubber. Is this a conscious choice?

Max: I’ve really never tried heavy rubber pictures, but I would love to try sometimes, just need to fix the good idea with the good model to make a good result, I’m sure it will happen in a few. But in photography I prefer from far fetish fashion, I keep heavy rubber for private.

3xL: Which up and coming latex lines should we watch out for?

Max: There are lots of nice designers but ive to amdit some of them make really amzing design. I really like Maggie Delena, Vex Clothing, HMS, Blacklikorish, Simon O, Bodycult, Tres Bonjour. I think they have a really nice vision of the Fashion Fetish. Very elegant, glamour and fashiony !

3xL: If you could be any other person, who would it be and why?

Max: Hmmm I think I would love to be a painter, probably Magritte or Dali, I’m so in love with their art vision. They just outdone themselves and don’t fear to express they want and have inside. I’m fascinated by painting, that gave me a lots of inspiration.

3xL: Thank you so much for your time!

Max: Again thank you for this interview!

To contact Max or see more of his works, please visit:


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    Really wonderful iconic images of some of the most beautiful women around.

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