• Scott says:

    One more step into having latex wear become mainstream

  • 3xL says:

    I disagree. Real latex clothing will never become mainstream. It’s just too “unconformable” and “hard to maintain” for regular people.

  • dana says:

    I think once more fashionistas learn how easy (and cheap) latex is to clean (you soak in warm soap and water, rinse it, dip it in some Vivishine for 10 minutes, let it dry for a few minutes and it’s good to go) it will catch on to some extent.

    I’ve worked two KISS concerts and they have to let the band’s outfits, made mostly from leather and spandex, air out for several hours during the day and I’m sure the turnover rate on a major tour is terrible.

    Speaking of rock bands, why do all the bands these days dress like they’re on duty at a coffee shop or 7/11? When did rock stars stop dressing like rock stars when they perform? Linkin Park dresses like they should be adding relish on my hot dog at a ball park. These kids today…. Man, I’m old… lol

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