• Jimi says:

    From Atsuko Kudo’s website:

    MAC cosmetics and Hello Kitty have joined forces to create a special range of Hello Kitty themed make up. Here at Atsuko Kudo we were happy to be commissioned to make some of the clothing for the models in the launch campaign. The images are styled by uber stylist, Katy England and photographed by the ever envelope pushing Nick Knight. Having happily made a specially styled catsuit and a variety of accessories and bows we are now very pleased to see the full effect in these pictures.

    If you’d like to order a catsuit just like the one in the video and pictures – you know where we live!

  • Oops! Thanks for catching that, “Jimi.”

  • Observer says:

    That’s a very fun video, I don’t know if it will help or hinder this marketing campaign… I like it, but I’m not going to be buying their products so my opinion doesn’t really matter now does it ;)

    Anyway, Vex is apparently claiming they made *all* the latex items in this video:

    I hope this gets cleared up, because it’s a bit of a regrettable situation…

  • MFB says:

    Ugh, what a mess! Maybe we can contact MAC and see what they say? In the meanwhile, I’ll link to both “sources.”

  • It has come to my attention that BOTH Atsuko Kudo and Vex were contacted by MAC. For the record and so everyone knows, I do not know what involvement Atsuko Kudo had But what I can tell everyone here that Vex was contacted back in August to produce 20 catsuits and accessories, 200 small bows and 200 bow ties for this new Hello Kitty MAC Line. I do not want any hostility since it is clear that we both had some sort of involvement here that until now I was unaware of.

  • Thanks, Laura for letting us know. We’ll try and get some sort of confirmation from the company as to what was used where, etc. If you’re in contact with any of them, please send ’em here so they can let all of us know the deal!

  • […] an earlier post we mistakenly credited Vex Clothing for the production and creation of the latex worn in both […]

  • I just posted a correction at the main page, for anyone reading.

    Sorry for the confusion!

  • Simon Hoare says:

    From Atsuko Kudo re: Hello Kitty/Clarification

    Hi Miss Fuzzy Bunny!

    Firstly, thank you for running this high quality and ever informative site – it’s so very much appreciated.

    We’d like to take the opportunity to add our voice to this slightly confused issue and hopefully finally clarify what actually did happen.

    In May 2008 Atsuko Kudo was approached by well known London based stylist Katy England, to design and produce costumes for a forthcoming MAC/Hello Kitty range to be shot by one of the world’s top fashion photographers, Nick Knight.

    The items we designed and produced for the project were all of the latex pieces that you now see on the ‘Wild’ character (the darker skinned girl) apart from her ears(!) The significant pieces are her catsuit, gloves and collar as these pieces quite define her look. All of these pieces are items which have been available from the Atsuko Kudo range for some time and were chosen by Katy as she specifically wanted to use this style for the ‘Wild’ look. We also made all of the bows.

    For the ‘Mild’ character (the lighter skinned girl) all of the latex bows including the one in her hair were made by us. These are items we have been producing for many years. The rest of her costume as far as we know is not made from latex and we did not have involvement with that.

    We had no involvement with the costumes for the male characters.

    So this was a commission for Atsuko Kudo designs which we duly completed in June 2008. It appears MAC contacted Vex in August 2008 some two months later and as yet we do not know what the pieces Vex made for them look like.

    We, like many others no doubt, are looking forward to seeing the Vex version of the clothing for the campaign as so far no pictures of the Vex version have been published. The pictures of the NYC launch party are of the Atsuko Kudo designs.

    In the meantime, we hope that all latex fans and Hello Kitty fans can enjoy the pictures created here in London last summer, knowing that the latex pieces so lovingly designed, crafted and used were indeed produced entirely from the studios of Atsuko Kudo.

    Thank you again,

    Best wishes,

    Ako and Simon (Atsuko Kudo)

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