When I asked Ken about his thoughts about the site he said “The idea is to film the girls doing normal things out in public, such as taking a walk, shopping or commuting, but with the little difference that they are wearing different kinds of fetish clothing: PVC, high heels, latex, corsets and maybe even rainwear. That is something that I always wanted to see, but could not find anywhere.”


  • SanderO says:

    Is this staged or just an opportunity to random pervy girls to be filmed while out and then be put up on a website?

    I would think it will be staged and so it is hardly more than what many models do… get to wear their perv while “protected” by the whole … is for photography / PR purposes.

    What would be interesting is real captured candid images… not staged. That’s what I think.

    I’ve seen millions of pervs on balconies already. It’s getting old.

    I hope this is something new. Good luck on the idea. I thought the same about 10 years ago. I hope someone takes the effort to do it.

  • Andre says:

    Well I think there are some legal issues with taking photos of random people, posting them on the web and making money off of them without their signing a release.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well, Sander, it’s obvious you haven’t seen the web previews, then. Pervs on balconies? Nice try, Captain Obvious, Dark, Shiva, Darkheart, or whatever else you call yourself these days. ;)

  • Young, Filthy N Gorgeous says:

    Actually, I’m on a bridge in the middle of public. I love the scrutiny, though.
    This if one of the first original projects to emerge from the fetish scene in a while. Scrutinize while it continues to gain popularity.
    KUDOS, Heidi and Kenneth!

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