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  • Dark says:

    I am glad that these people can express themselves. I don’t find most of it attractive actually the reverse. But it should be noted that the most outrageous “deviants” demand the most attention and are the ones that are featured in such exposes.

    There is an elegant (to my eye) fetish “look” which is more appealing (to me), but it’s all lumped together as fetish with some of these extreme “things”. I wonder if the extreme freedom and subsequent very wild expressions attract people to the scene, ie encourage them to express a bizarre side, or repels them or intimidates them to stay away? I am thinking of a shy couple who decides to come out and finds themselves in the middle of something like the above. Would they feel they were in a safe non judgmental environment or would they need intimidated and freaked out thinking extreme self expression is the norm of the expectation?

    This seems more like narcissism than fetishism. Perhaps I am wrong.

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