• 3xL says:

    Indeed a end of an era. I wish Ataraxia the good luck with the new project. RIP IAR!

  • Dark says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how so many sites which offer “conversations” degenerate and a become battles of egos. Of course most are benevolent dictatorships and as long as the owner can control the inmates it carries on. IAR was an interesting resource, definitely on the dry side, packed with interesting information, but that didn’t prevent the personalities of the posters to color the discussions. It seemed to fall apart when some sort of conflict with the owner and some mods surfaced into a public discussion which took on political overtones. It’s hard to understand why that was the straw that broke the camel’s back, but it did and we may neve actually know. And it probably doesn’t matter.

    It’s kinda sad if all the data disappears, but such is life from dust to dust.

    Starnge how these sites just blink off – poof!

  • Nyckname says:

    I really hope someone can persuade him to keep the archives available.

  • Gary Brindle says:

    The arguments that Dark refers to were not political.The heated discussions centered around the ethics of copying designs and the blatant promtional use of other peoples videos and still images without permission.
    IAR is back for now,I am not happy that now posters have a feeling of walking on eggshells and the robust postings will just not be posssible. Luckily there are alternative sites where free speech is possible.

  • Miss Fuzzy Bunny says:

    Well, we do have forum capabilities here. Check it out, and add your suggestions on what would make an ideal forum, as 3XL is very open to ways of keeping useful information available to the community at large, of course.

  • rubb says:

    Hmm… did I missed something? I do not remember seeing that message on IAR…

    It’s me,
    ..rubb.. :)

  • Rubb, you had to be pretty quick to have spotted it. Luckily common sense returned shortly afterwards and the site was restored.

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