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  • Anonymous says:


    I think it IS a natural thing for someone who puts so much energy and focus into anything to get more dfeeply into it. Althogh some might jump into extreme fetish or heavy rub from the get go… usually it is a process of wanting more and more stimulation or requiring more and more stimulation to get the same thrill. The entry level stuff doesn’t cut it after a while. It seems mundane and boring.

    Most things we do follow this pattern… whether it is fetish or films… food or flying kites.

  • Oneeyedjack says:

    It was the bizarre look that first drew me to latex, however I’ve always been a bit of an extremist… Where do we go from here? Longer periods of time wrapped in full encasement? Surgical implants? Hypno therapy? The possibilities are endless! :)

    OEJ aka Owner_Operator

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