• Cool – Congratulations!
    I can’t wait to see it.

  • […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by 3xL. 3xL said: Why I wrote a book about Latex Fetishism #latex #fetish […]

  • Paris Paradis says:

    Truly wonderful and very well said.
    i can’t wait either. : )

    All Best Wishes.

    Paris Paradis.

  • Kinkograf says:

    Congratulations! I am sure, that it is a great work, you did.

  • Lady Arrakis says:

    Yay! Great news! Makes me also very happy to be a part of it. Can’t wait to read as there is blatant lack of publications about rubber that aren’t silly erotic fantasy.

  • Dark says:

    Latex fetish is the nexus between fantasy and reality. In fiction and erotica it tends to be more extreme (obviously) and for some people who chase the extreme in their own lives. The average fetishist is closer to the fashion / practical side though many engage in the breath play and doll aspect which is not what one wears on Main Street.

    Celebs are embracing latex because it sexy and edgy and eye catching. But fetish really has a “kinky sexual component” to it, otherwise is simply a (sexy fashion statement.

    Obviously some people see it as sexy looking but do not experience as a “turn on”… and they are not fetishist and this likely can’t be learned of taught, though it seems that some discover the erotic power to them once exposed to it… like tasting a new food and discovering you like it. And obviously not everyone will nor understand.

  • Alphax says:

    ebook only? I’m disappointed there won’t be a print edition after seeing that lovely photograph above, but I understand with the high printing costs.

    I’m looking forward to reading your in depth thoughts on our fetish!

  • 3xL says:

    Thank you for all the great responses to this post! I’m also very excited!

    Alphax@ Please don’t rule out a print version just yet! :)

  • Dave says:

    Great idea and efforts.

    I’m into heavy rubber boots (heterosexual rather than gay) – which is unusual. Looking for more like-minded people – this may be it!!

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