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  • Onij says:

    wtf?! how many layers was he wearing? Thats sad.

  • x. says:

    the perfect murder?

  • Anonymous says:

    there, but for the grace of god….

  • Anonymous says:

    That is really sad. Hopefully a reminder that selfbondage/self-breathplay and similar games are VERY dangerous unless you have an escape plan.

  • 3xL says:

    I recall reading elsewhere that the poor fellow was wearing a latex catsuit inside the bodybag. Sad indeed!

  • xtiml says:

    just exactly did this happen? seems implausible to me.unless there was an outside heat source and being on the lochs of scotland in december no less, just how in hell he end in hell? latex catsuit and a vac bed? well if you been in it you know you freeze when dressed in rubber and the temp is chilly .I think his sister killed him.

  • Anonymous says:

    And to think I’ve done Ecstasy while in my rubber ball \:-) Can you imagine the wonderful tactile feeling of bouncing around in all that rubber and lube. Of course I did have a safety monitor, I’m not completely stupid – defintiely NOT a self bondage scene.

  • latana says:

    well he didnt boil he overheated a rather less grisley end I should think,maybe the cocaine added to his overheating,then panic or maybe he passed out quicker like a heart thing from cocaine as it has been known to do.and ah the murder angle,friends?sex partners?would be simple to find out who unless it was a political hit.or ex sex p’s revenge?naw not tink ice pick with a thing over the end is a good ting possibly for such activitiesjust a little bitty one.ask david carradine a bout it.I think he passed out in it or fell asleep like in the womb,or got trapped in his own demise.

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