• Alphax says:

    Nice documentary find. Thank you for sharing that with us!

  • Dana says:

    It’s great to know that Karin and Wanco are still active.

  • Tom says:

    Mind you, I don’t think the team at Wild will be too taken by the claim he did that Anubis mask himself!

  • Gaelle lagalle says:

    Well I was a bit disappointed that he didn’t mention the team, maybe it was cut
    But the things is that documentary was showing only Japan but the true is it appear more or less in same time in US, europe and japan at once, we can say this community of rubberfur finaly appear with internet
    Just to know most of the picture given as illustration are not from Japan
    One artist on the concept of rubberfur drawings should be mention too is Kemonet Inukai as well, he has amazing talent and really inspired drawing started since maybe 1998 or even before
    So yes the documentary is really Japan centred, as if they were the only ones to do bizarre stuff!

    Yes I feel but-heart that the Arte television have totally forget me since I appear in their past documentary

  • Hiro Kondo says:

    Thank you for your writing this article! ;)

  • bob says:

    wish that saeborg sold those costumes. if you know a place that you can buy those latex suits (specifically the sheep) tell me

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