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  • james says:

    My only question, How much will it cost? Thanks.

  • SirMasterMarc says:

    Congratulation 3XL. This looks Promising !
    I cant wait to see it. Will probably get a copy !

    Look Like something fun to read !

    Thanks for sharing !

    SirMasterMarc from Montreal :-)

  • Phil says:

    Will there also be a PDF version? So I can read it on my iPad?

  • 3xL says:

    @Phil: Yes, the ebook is a PDF file.

  • mistress says:


    Nice book please feel free to adverts on my site

    all the best

  • Dark says:

    What I am interested in reading about, if it is there, is the discussion about what most people are faced with is living in both worlds – fetish and vanilla. Even that requires a sort of “coming out of the closet” and involves many “conflicts”.

    It is indeed monumental to come to the conclusion that you not only must come “out of the closet” but live as a 24/7 fetish person, in an apartment outfitted with a latex and kinky appointments, socialize almost exclusively with fetish people and support yourself through a fetish business.

    For all practical purposes the sort of extreme which we understand that 3XL and his wife “life” is not possible for 99.9% of fetishists or latex lovers. They have vanilla lives which they can’t leave… but for brief periods of “fun” and effectively have to have a double or secret life.

    This of course, is less a burden for the young and those who are not established in a vanilla life, or who are prepared to give that up and build a 24/7 fetish life as 3XL, his wife and many others in the fetish “community” most of who are out 24/7 and work in the fetish industry I would guess in one aspect or another. Fetish is in fact a pretty large “industry” these days with all sorts me options to make a living at it and a growing community in the industrial nations who are “doing it.” Fetish dressing is also getting a fair amount of acceptance by the media and entertainment industries so it is not as difficult as it once was to wear latex outside the home even to non fetish themed events.

    Another issue I would like to read about (hope it’s included in 3XL’s book) is why is fetish so important to so many people? Why do they feel compelled to build their entire lives around it? There are many things we find “enjoyable” in our lives and few of us do them 24/7 and block out “other things”. Why is fetish so powerful and controlling over many of us? And there is little analogous in other people (guess)? Is such an obsession, although it makes people happy, at all troubling? Getting pleasure from something does not wipe away what this might leave in its wake. An analogy (crude) is the literal wake that a jet ski makes in a harbor. The jet skier is having lots of fun, but the noise he makes is disturbing anyone in earshot and the wake is disturbing all the boats in the harbor and some of the swimmers in shallow waters. That is, his “fun” is coming at the expense or “enjoyment of life” of others.

    So how does a person assess when something is best for them, yet “injurious” to their “loved ones” etc.? Do we hear the “stories” of the non fetish partners left behind in the wake of the coming out of the fetish person? Understanding how they deal with it will influence others to “come out” I would think.

    Many of these issues are not well explored in the fetish world as most “players” are more concerned with their “fetish game” and getting the most from it.

    One last thing. Why do so many who have come out and work and life 24/7 fetish so to speak still use “nick names” What purpose is anonymity at this stage providing? Some don’t bother with this, such as Bianca Beauchamp for example, yet others still use their nicks such as 3XL. Is there still a vestage of the “taint of being an outed fetishist” to some?

    If 3XL’s book deals with this it is a welcomed effort!

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